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mahalopele 11-19-2013 07:32 AM

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Okay, I know this is a repeat, but I am still at a loss for what to do. My current school is completely awful. I found one comment that I'm going to repost because it describes what is happening perfectly.

"Wow, I really don’t where to start after reading the most recent posts. After reading about all the great accomplishments resulting from this program I can’t help but think I must be imagining this nightmare I find myself in. My family feels as though our lives have been turned upside down. My son who has worked so hard to be an “A” student over the years, worked and cared about his grades, now throws his hands up and says, ” I don’t care anymore! “.
So lets start from the beginning… A small town where people respected and supported our school system and its leadership. We (our freshman & Sophomore class) found out about the “New Tech” program during orientation! this means one day before school started. We were shown videos about how great the program is (showing kids giving great reviews) and how its “group based” to help our children prepare for the future, college etc. We tried to keep an open mind, however, was skeptical about how it would affect my child’s grades. After all, the freshman year is when their grades become very important in building their GPA for college admissions etc. Within a few weeks we realized this was not the program that was introduced to us. My child would come home from school at 3pm and sit in front of the laptop until 11-12pm. This became a nightly ritual. We would try to go out as a family on a Sat evening, however, my son informed us that his project was due that night by midnight, therefore we could not go. Finally, my husband and I started to get involved to find out exactly what was going on, why he had hours of homework, what projects they had him doing. There were times he would be up stressed and almost in tears because “he felt he had to learn how to do a particular problem so that HE could tech his group the next day. You see, what happens is the teachers now become “facilitators ” NOT TEACHERS! The kids are handed projects and told to figure out how to do the problem as a group. The kids then get online and have to figure out how to do algebra/ science etc from sites online instead of the teacher explaining it to them. Our kids teach themselves or depend on another student to help them. What really frustrates us is that our “A” student would be placed in groups with C, D, F students. You see…. that way the “A” student will care enough to make the other kids get involved because they would be graded as a group. If the kids who don’t care about their grades don’t do their work then the other kids have to make up for that child’s work to get the job done, you know, so they can still get a good grade! Now what I find interesting is that you can get a child kicked out of your group but not until several write-ups and then finally “fired”. It sure sounds like a union built into our kids education and new way of thinking… the things that make you say huum! With funding by our Government?
Over the years I used to feel guilty because my child never asked for help. His father and I never had to worry about his work ethic or his grades. This program and the way it is being facilitated has changed him into someone that I do not recognize. I feel helpless as a parent and have spoke to other parents that feel the same, So much, that we have had a few New Tech meeting with very heated discussions via concerned parents about this program and tactics that are being used. As a matter or fact lets talk about that!. My child has been in this program for 3months. So far..1) the kids had to write a paper about ONLY the positive aspects about the program, even if they hated it, and it had to be positive. The kids were then instructed to give that paper to another kid in the school who is not in the program. 2) Three of the “facilitators” separated the kids into two groups (25 kids each). Each group was supposed to give there opinion of the program and express concerns. The first day the first group was frustrated, had nothing good to say about the program, one child told the facilitators that he has been in this science class for five weeks and have not learned anything about science. Only one child spoke up in favor of the program. He said, I quote, ” I love this program, I haven’t done squat and I’m getting a “C”. This program has pitted one child against another because one or the another in each group is not doing their work. So they have to speak out against that child, or shut up and work harder to get the grade. The first day the facilitators said nothing, just listened and took notes. The second day, when the second group thought they could give their opinion, the facilitators made them feel stupid (asking them if they knew a theory from the past year or so, if they couldn’t remember that theory, they were told the old way of learning must not be working) they used the first day to build ammunition against the kids the second day, knowing what they would say..then made them feel stupid so no one would say anything else bad about the program. 3) One facilitator at lunch time took a camcorder and put it in my sons face and insisted that he say something positive about New Tech. When my son refused, the facilitator sat there with the camera on him , and said she wasn’t leaving until he did. This past week, we found out that they brought in teachers from another school. They pulled certain kids out and they were told to say only positive aspects about it while speaking to these school representatives. I’M sorry, but I feel there is something bigger going on with this program. Why would they not work out the bugs before pushing this onto others. Why are they so determined to lie and distort the truth. The government paid our school 3/4 of a million dollars to accept this program. We were rated “excellent” ?? I feel our children’s education and chances to get into a good college was bought out at our children’s expense. The school keeps saying that everybody is doing this, but we only found 8 other schools accepting this program out of hundreds of districts. Only one being a high school, the others being” academy’s” and all were low rated schools (academic emergencies etc). I have had many sleepless nights over this and personally I question the last person’s comments about this program. There is intimidation going on with this program and the facilitators. I am curious to know why? and I saw that a New Tech representative was quick to get in and kindly point out where we are wrong. All I know is, ” what we are going through”. People be warned! Do not let this come to your town. I must say, something I do agree with is that New Tech makes you “get involved ” like never before. We (and others) are looking at other school districts to put our child in. That may sound easy for some, but think of the cost in gas to drive to another town two times a day. Trying to be there before and after school while holding down a full time job. Uprooting your child away from their friends. Its just terrible what they have done. I do know one thing, even if we move to another district, I will continue to look into this program and spread the word until they “get the bugs worked out”. Please tell me its just a nightmare!"

This describes my current school perfectly. Four teachers and twenty students (this is that I can count, but there are probably more in reality). My question is, should I transfer to a neighboring school? At the neighboring school, one of my so-called friends from middle school attends, who used to bully me (I have grown a backbone since then though). I'll miss the music program at my current school, which is really the only reason I'm still here, but the other school doesn't offer as good of a program. What should I do?

Zexious 11-19-2013 01:21 PM

I'd say that it is ultimately up to you and your parents. If you are truly dissatisfied with the education that you are receiving, then it is perfectly understandable to move to a school that offers a different program.

What do your parents have to say about all this?

4horses 11-30-2013 02:05 AM

It is your education- change schools! Ethically it is not acceptable for someone to cheat off of you, as that is what they are doing. Cheating. Anytime someone refuses to do their share of the work, they are cheating.

Palomine 12-01-2013 03:59 PM

Need to break first part of this into paragraphs so it can be read.

However....will say that what you are describing, if I am taking it correctly, has almost NEVER worked when they have tried it.

Change, move, protest but get out of this before you get sucked down the drains.

tinyliny 12-01-2013 04:58 PM

I could not make it through the whole giant block of text.

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