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RiosDad 07-13-2009 10:00 PM

Caught in a stormI
I posted this in trianing and should have posted in here

I am a creature of habit and every Saturday morning I have to go for my run. Today was no exception except the skys were black and off in the distance you could hear thunder and sheet lightning lite up the skys.
I saddled and headed out wearing a big assie rain coat domed to the saddle. About 2 miles out the day went dark, sheet rain started and the sky was one continue roll of thunder and lightning lite up the sky all around us. Rio dropped his head and wanted to just stand but I rode him into a stand a big trees, picked a couple of large ones and backed is rump up against one on the lee side. I debated getting off and hobbling him to keep him still but he never moved a muscle. We just stood , me on top and him with his ears straight out the sides.
It rolled by in about 10 minutes and off we went for a fantastic ride.
It creates new training conditions. The ditches ran well and offered numerous water crossing to practice. Rivers ran down the side of the road and we jogged through them. Cars passing splashed us but after a few flinches he just ignored it.
A tree stump that we passed hundreds of times suddenly looked black and scarry.
The storm offered a new opportunity for me to asses my new guy. He has been in training for about 9 months.
Some of the best riding is done in the rain. No bugs, horses run cool, plenty of places to water and a fresh clean look to the world.
A great day:smile::grin:
Don't pass by any new opportunity to a change in the old routine.
The empty parking lot offered curbs to side pass over, fixed cement curbs that don't move if the horse bumps into them.
A lot full of large trucks off for the weekend allowed us to also walk up and down between them to ease any fear he might have.
My daily runs try to always includ something new.
The storm was certianly an experience

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