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RhondaLynn 11-19-2013 02:15 PM

Very Long Detailed ramble of our trip to Big South Fork!!
We went to Big South Fork (BSF) last week. We left on Wednesday a very cold day and came home on Sunday a cool but milder rainy day.

I know there are folks who go to BSF so I decided to write a detailed thread about our trip on the trails. We stay at a Cabin near the West Entrance to BSF. In a community called Spruce Creek, The cabin is small, perfect for a couple or maybe 3 folks (one sleeping on the sofa). The barn has 3 small stalls but a nice paddock area. For us.. it is perfect!!! We love it and have been going there about 7 years.. for a couple of years before that we stayed at East Fork Stables in their cabins.. We don't camp and don't have a living quarter trailer so we need a cabin.. I actually like camping but I love a good shower and good bed better!!!!

The 1st day we left home about 7:30, we usually leave earlier like 5 but because it was so cold and our trailer is a modified stock trailer we didn't want to freeze the horses to death.. We ended up putting two (2) blankets on each just to be safe. it was 29 degrees at home that morning. We got to the cabin about 11:30, after a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Crossville. We unloaded the horses, letting them stretch their legs in the paddock. We unloaded food and suitcases for us. Then Loaded Maci and Maggie back on the trailer for our first ride. It was still cold about 30 and there was a tiny bit of snow on the ground in the deep shady spots. (not much though, really just enough to claim!!)

1st ride-going into BSF from the west side, after you pass the BSF sign the next landmark you look for is the "Scott" county line sign. Immediately to the right after the Scott county line sign is a turn off down into a parking lot/trail head to the right. It has no name but on the map it is on the "North White Oak Loop". Park saddle up and go east along the gravel road. Travel along this multi-use trail/road. There is a trail branching off to the right called Cumberland Valley Loop, and further along is a trail to the left called Leatherwood Overlook. We have been to the overlook and it is a good overlook if you are interested.. Continue straight, you are on another part of the Cumberland Valley Loop. (CVL is a huge loop) It goes down, sometimes steeply down to Coyle Branch. There are hitchin posts,eat lunch or have a coffee break. Mount back up and go left down the river/creek. Coyle Branch goes into North White Oak Creek, travel down beside the creek about 1 1/2 miles (I am not a good judge of distance). The trail crosses the river. DO NOT CROSS IN HIGH WATER! But if the water is not too high go across the river on a diagonal and continue. You will quickly be on a gravel road. After about 3/4 of a mile you will get to the O & W bridge. We have never crossed with the horses but tied up and enjoyed the FABULOUS view from the bridge. We then turn around and go exactly the way we came, back to the truck/trailer.

2nd good ride-going toward BSF from the west, you are going to go behind the Cumberland Valley General Store for the Cumberland Valley Trail Head parking lot. There is a good parking area not far from the store. It is a long dry trail for a little while then it becomes forest and goes down to the river. There is a overlook called Laurel Fork Overlook that is nice. We then go on down some steep trails to the river. You can go either left or right at the river. You can make some loops if you want a long day but our horses and my butt is not up to that so we usually go down/or up the river for a ways and the return the way we came. Once several years ago our horses got spooked (smelling/snorting) at something along the upper part of this trail. We suspected wild hogs or bear. We heard at the store that there had been a bear spotted in that area just a few days before.

3rd good ride. Once again go into the park from the west. Park at that same no name parking lot just inside Scott County. Go out the parking lot back toward the west along a trail and you will cross the road going toward Bandy Creek Campground/Stables. You will actually be on North White Oak Loop. you will cross one creek before you get to the campground/stables. You can tie up at the stables hitchin post. Then walk over to the Ranger station, you can look around and buy a map or they have some paper maps they will mark for you. They have always been very nice and very helpful about the trails. We usually go out the Katie trail, get on Jacks Ridge Loop and make the loop. return to Bandy Creek and go back to the trailer. But there are several variations you can do from Bandy Creek Campground. That is where the Rangers come in very handy!!

4th good ride--OUR FAVORITE!!
at Sharps Place or Corner(community) on the west side of the park, go north toward Picket State Park. Turn right into Divide Road. You will turn right again following signs for "Middle Creek Equestrian Trail Head & Sawmill Trail Head" go on toward Charit Creek Trail Head. You will be on a narrow gravel road/trail called Fork Ridge Road/Trail. When you get to the huge power lines turn left into a gravel parking lot. Saddle up and go on down the gravel road. You will see signs, follow the road down into Charit Creek Lodge. It is very steep at times. Horses must stay on the road until you get to Charit Creek Lodge/Hostel. When you do get to the Charit Creek, water the horses. Look around the hostel it is very interesting. There is someone there and they will let you look into the log cabins and lay in the hammock. If it is lunch time they have picnic tables or you can sit beside the creek. If you are real adventurous you can make reservations for you and your horse to stay the night(they have a barn/stalls for the horses). If you are interested in staying, look it up on line.

Back on the trail continuing along the trail behind the lodge, you will pass behind and above it. You go to just above the building and there is a intersection for Hatfield Ridge Trail, it is steep for a little while. There are a couple of trails going off but stay on Hatfield Ridge Trail. When you get to a sign for Charit Creek Overlook, GO!! it is breathtaking.
Continue on Hatfield Ridge Trail, it is a beautiful forest ridge top trail. When you get down to the river you can go to the river and cross it, but don't try to cross at high water. We usually go on to Camp Creek Trail, signs point the way back toward Charit Creek lodge. This is a very pretty trail. Mostly near the water. When you get to a choice of crossing the water to follow the trail or stay on the same side of the creek going up and there are some logs lining the trail.... turn around and go across the creek and follow that trail. It goes thru the creek several times and there are several good places for lunch. You will quickly be back at Charit Creek after the split trails converges again. Rest at the Lodge. The horses will have a hard pull back out to the trailer.

5th good ride. If you have gaited horses and it is not HOT, you can park at the Middle Creek Equestrian TH and ride the roads and there is a decent trail out the back of the Middle Creek TH. that can loop back up to Divide Road. I wouldn't do this if there was a lot of traffic on the road (lots of day hikers going to Twin Arches) due to dust. but when we went it was pretty cold and only saw 3 cars on the road all day. Good road to do a fast running walk!!!

6th good trail...
Go to Timber Ridge Campground. For A "Trail Maintenance Fee" they will GLADLY give you a good map and tell you good places to go. They owners are VERY NICE. There are several Rocky overhangs and caves that you can go into. Hitchin rails for the horses. Ride the "yellow" trail out the back of the campground, for a little while you will be on the "pink" then hit the yellow again, turn right. A very pretty creek side trail with several interesting places to see. A must do Trail!!!

The campground has an obstacle course that was fun to play at and see what our horses would go thru...
Straight across from the campground is BSF property. It is about 1/2 mile to the Wild Cat Den. Beautiful and well worth the trip.

I know there are many more trails that we haven't ridden yet.. please pass along any you know of!!

Please go to my Photo album and see the only one I have there.. I have just learned how to upload the photos. I have several of Wild Cat Den. and many that just show how pretty the trails are!


RhondaLynn 11-20-2013 08:07 AM

This is a photo of Wild Cat den. It was a very nice place to have lunch. The cave had a hole in the roof that was beautiful!

RhondaLynn 11-20-2013 08:09 AM

This photo is on Hatfield Ridge Loop, the overlook looking down at Charit Creek Lodge.. you can barely see the barn in the bottom of the valley. We had just come from there.

RhondaLynn 11-20-2013 08:13 AM

I am such a computer idiot!! I have finally learned how to post a photo.. now if I can remember how the next time I want to is a different story!!!

If anyone has a photo album that is "public" please tell me because I am not sure how to view anyone elses...


dkb811 11-21-2013 12:40 PM

I took a peek at your photo album..awesome photos!! Just beautiful country side!!!

Chevaux 11-21-2013 12:53 PM

:DExcellent pictures and trip log, Rhondalynn. Thanks for sharing them.

greentree 11-22-2013 08:00 AM

That was a wonderful trip!! Thanks for writing. we have not been riding in TN yet, but are planning to go. Love the pictures!

How long did you all stay out each day? DH does not ride much, so if we do a multiday trip, I need to work up to some of the stuff gradually.


garlicbunny 11-22-2013 10:28 PM

Hi Rhonda, Do you usually go in November? When we were there mid October the weather we had 4 perfect riding days until Wed when it rained and called for storms Thursday so we left Wed am. Dan is talking about going in July next year, but bet it will be hot! Anyways next time we go we will be able to trailer to the trailheads. Love that place so much I want to move there!
We bought that huge plastic coated map from True west and the book with all the trails in it at the Hitching Post...great buy on both!
Thanks again for the details, we can't wait to ride the trails that you did!

RhondaLynn 12-02-2013 09:08 AM

Greentree- We usually are in the saddle about 10 am and ride until around 4. With a long lunch thrown in. We will also stop for a coffee break sometimes. We don't ride fast except in the flats where we can do some gaiting... We only ride on Saturdays because of work, so my butt is always sore.. On our trip to BSF the first 2 days my butt was very sore, after that it was only sore the first hour or so in the saddle then it was fine. I am wanting to do the "Red Rock" Ride out west. It is a 7 days in the saddle trip... that is on my bucket list!!!

GarlicBunny- We usually go in October usually the 2nd or last weekend. but this past year it was reserved when we wanted to go, but with the shut-down I am glad.. (sorry for you tho!!!) We love to ride in the cold and it was cold most days in the 30's. It was not windy so that was good. The first day was the coldest and the it started slowly warming. In the summer we usually go in June.. to beat the heat and flies! We (hubby and I) both hate to ride when the flies are bad. I work for the school system and cannot get off until June so that is when we schedule our trip. I hope to retire this year so we can go anytime we want.. (hubby is able to be gone from work most any time).


garlicbunny 12-02-2013 06:35 PM

Whoops..sorry about the second weekend being taken.. I don't mind the cold either as long as the wind isn't blowing. Can't wait until our next trip!

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