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toadflax 07-14-2009 03:28 PM

Losing the Bridle--argh!
Hi, 5 times now my new QH mare has shaken her bridle off while under saddle on the trail. It didn't happen last year because she came in the fall--no bugs. It's happened with 2 different bits and bridles, with fly ears and without--she gives a good shake because of bugs or whatever and off comes the bridle over her ears. Using a regular snaffle bridle with browband and throatlatch. I can't think of a way to keep the thing on other than super glue...any suggestions?

rosie9r 07-14-2009 04:07 PM

Is it the correct size for her? Are you using a headstall or a english bridle? Does it have a browband, nose band, or is it like a one ear headstall? Can you post a pic of her wearing it?

Vidaloco 07-14-2009 04:53 PM

If its fitting properly I can't imagine how it is coming off. I often use a one ear no throat latch headstall. I can see that getting rubbed off, but one with a throat latch should not come off. Maybe its not tight enough?

toadflax 07-14-2009 05:30 PM

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Typical English snaffle bridle, browband & throatlatch. My friend and I are baffled, we've neither of us run in to such a problem before. She shakes and right over the floppy ears it goes.

Vidaloco 07-14-2009 05:37 PM

Maybe try lowering the browband so its sitting a little further away from her ears and more in the middle of her brow? I'm at a loss as well, but you could try that.

toadflax 07-14-2009 05:44 PM

Well it can't hurt--nothing to lose but the bridle...

iridehorses 07-14-2009 05:54 PM

Welcome to the forum!

Try tightening the throat latch even if it is over tight for now. Once she learns that she can't shake it off, it may stop.

eventerdrew 07-14-2009 06:27 PM

putting a noseband on might help stabilize it

I agree with tightening the throatlatch

toadflax 07-14-2009 06:36 PM

I agree with tightening the throatlatch, too. It did occur to me that she's reinforcing this trick every time she gets the bridle off, and she's definitely one to take advantage of a situation. We'll go up a notch or two next time.
I really dislike mucking about with nose bands, didn't think one would cure this problem, but I guess I ought to give it a try and find out.

masatisan 07-14-2009 07:04 PM

I put a halter on under the bridle and run the throatlash through the rings on either side, I also keep a rope attached to the halter incase something happens and I need to lead him, or if I want to rest I can tie him and remove the bridle.
This is what it looks like:
(His hackamore is rediculously crooked in this pic, but it shows how I put the throatlash through the rings)

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