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upsidedown 07-14-2009 10:12 PM

Driving Equipment on the Cheaper Side
So I've often thought Brutus would look adorable in a harness. My trainer drives her minis so recently I asked her if she'd teach me to drive and help me break Bru. She said yes.

Now I'm looking for a cheaper cart and harness. We're just trying it out to see if we like it/goofing around, not showing or anything. If I want to show I'll invest in something nicer, but for now I was wondering if you guys knew of any websites where I could order cheaper driving equipment. My trainer would let me borrow her stuff, but they're all mini things, and Bru is a 14.1h pony and thicker build.

I was also wondering if I should buy a cob size or horse size harness? My trainer says I should go with horse, that they're very adjustable. I'm not sure though. He wears a cob size bridle and a size 68 blanket. I use a size 46 girth with him, but it has elastic on both sides. He's pretty thickly built, he's like 1/4 draft (we think Clydesdale because of his sabino but in the winter he has the pangare fading, like a Belgium though that could come from something ponyish like a Halflinger or a Fjord or something). He's sorta built like a heavier warmblood, or like the light sport horse type Fjords.

CheyAut 07-15-2009 01:41 AM

Be very careful when looking for cheap! You do NOT want equipment failure when it comes to driving!!!

Best bet is to look around for a used Easy Entry cart. You can get a Frontier new for $450 (at least, that's the price for the mini, guess it might be a little more for horse, not sure) and so use for less of course. As for a harness, I recomend Zimmermans, phone is 717-354-5667 and they will assist you with a size for your horse. I prefer betathane to leather, and I do NOT like biothane. They have all three. Many people prefer leather, so to each his own :)

masatisan 07-15-2009 11:41 PM

Greenhawk has a package that is currently on sale although its a Canadian store so shipping would be a bit pricy.

upsidedown 07-16-2009 11:52 AM

No I certainly don't! By cheap I meant still good quality, but something more for messing around at home, rather than for showing.

As for the harness I've only ever used leather or a synthetic like wintec for tack. What is the difference with the others? What is the feel, what is the give? My gelding has very sensitive skin, a nylon halter rubs his hair off in a heartbeat, and even in a padded leather one the parts where the metal rubs is losing hair. I'd hate to see him losing hair in a harness shape all over his body :\

And yeah, the shipping from Canada would probably put it up in the range with the other :/ Thanks for giving me the website, they have pony size fly bonnets! :D Those are so hard to find!

SoMuchManureSoLittleTime 07-21-2009 10:27 PM

Upsidedown, you can get great harnesses made to order with a price that is affordable.

Contact Janie at Chimacum Tack Chimacumtack|Horse Tack

She will give you info on where and how to measure your horse. You will get a harness that is PERFECT for your Brutus.

No, I don't work for them, but I am a happy customer....

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