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ChingazMyBoy 07-15-2009 03:35 AM

Riding Like Pro's!

Well Chinga had a week of as some of you know so I was dying to get back in the saddle! So anyway before the ride when I was saddleing him up and all he was really "stuck up" trying to bite when I did his girth up and ears flat back. He was just being really naughty. So anyway I ask Pumpkinzmybaby22 to hold him why I mount because last time he acted like that (ages ago) he would buck why I mount. He behaved while I mounted so off we walk. After around 10 minutes of walking we go for a trot. hehehehe did he have enegry or what. Usually I have to push to get our exstended trot. But he went straight into a lovely exstended trot. Trust me collecting him was fun. Then I ask for a walk and Pumpkinzmybaby22 goes inside to get changed and my sister was out in the paddock with me doing homework. I ask my sister to take down the jump *Just under 1m* and take out the second pole. I get told to do it myself so I walk Chinga up to it and slip my foot out of the stirrup to tap down the jump. And gee did I teach this boy to jump! He goes straight up on his back feet and takes the jump from a stand still. Lands brilliantly and canters off. Me still having one stirrup with my mouth just about on the ground and my sister yelling "Go Cashie! Do it again!"

Also I was riding brilliantly at the end just like a pro (deliveretly and mucking around) DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPRESS SOMEONE!

So I went with heels down, bum up and back sticking in the air, hands apart and up, yelling "Ye ha!", laughing my head off. With Chinga trotting along. I think he went better then he goes when I'm riding well. Then I rode like a pro over a little jump. Gee I have great balance to stay on! :lol:

Back to the serious side of things. Chinga did perfect in his exstended trot, and did okay in his collected trot but he was hipe today any way so I wasn't to worried about it. We also worked on going from halt to trot and I was very happy with that after three goes he could get it!:-)

We also worked on our canter, there are two places in the paddock where Chinga will stop cantering and go back to a trot and I've been working on fixing that but have been only taking baby steps. But today we managed to canter SIX perfect laps! I was so happy with him, and I had to ask him to canter because he kept trying to gallop. You could see the ex-race horse in him :-P

Well sorry for the book but I just had so much fun today!



I forgot to add how we went "bull chasing" we used my sister as an extremly slow bull. And he was rounding her up and chasing her like a natural. I was making him do extra wide circles so she wasn't hurt and wouldn't let him get to close. Then we stepped on her home work! YAY! Then she asked me to get him to step on her project *that she hadn't done* so she could hand it into the teacher all wrecked and say that it was my horse who stood on it! :-0

After that my sister made us step on the end of Pumpkinzmybaby22's school bag. Jalah I'm telling you that wasn't my fault. Then we untacked brushed Chinga, fed him and rugged him. After that we bagged some poo and Pumpkinzmybaby22 got it ALL OVER ME!

Then we were in the shed I was sitting on hay that was 3 bails hight. Then fell off:)

HalfPass 07-15-2009 09:11 AM

Good Grief...Chinga....?????
Thats funny but not
I am glad your making sme progress...I would like to jump again for the rush, but I don't know that my neck should take that risk......hehe

I remember being pretty young and pretty
Big logs and picknick tables...whatever looked like it would
Glad that your working on the cantering!!

Goosen 07-15-2009 10:21 AM

That sounds awesome! I can't believe he took off from a stand off - too bad you didn't catch it on video. That would have been cool. =D

ChingazMyBoy 07-17-2009 04:24 AM

Oh yeah, it was great fun! I must admit I do think he was born to jump!

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