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stilllearning 08-31-2007 05:05 AM

1st Horse Buyer, Don't want to get Ripped Off ADVICE NEEDED!
We are taking lessons at a full service barn (they breed, show, board and train).

They are helping us find a horse to buy. We gave them the amount we can spend and they contacted another barn mgr they work with often and she is sending videos of some available horses. If I like them, I pay for shipping and they send my favorite 1 or 2 down and I can have a trial period of 6 weeks with them to see if I want to purchase one.
If I do, I buy her/him, if not, I pay to ship them back ($300.).
if I do want to keep one, is it okay to use their barn vet for the check up and how much should that run?
I realize that they are getting the horse for a better price but I feel it could take a year or two for me to find the right horse without them so I'm willing to do spend that. Sorry so long, advice please!

KANSAS_TWISTER 09-01-2007 02:16 AM

first not rush in to finding that perfect horse...i have been ridding for over 30 years and been through to many horses to count and i still haven't found the perfect horse.

ask you self some of these question

will i want to show later on with this horse?

what as a ridder do i expect from this horse and what should it expect from me as a ridder?

if you are just looking for some thing that you just want to take a hack on every few days and a leason once a week, it would be wise to either invest in a school horse or part bord with some one (that gives you a clue as to what it partakes in the horsesy world)

why a school horse??? most of them are bomb proof, some may have vices but some of that can be worked on with a good trainer,

some barn mgrs see people as a walking wallet and will sell any thing to get a cash in hand deal.

if you are set on getting a horse please shop not go buy what one person says, take time to find out why the horse is for sale......hard headed?, lame?, to much trouble to handle?, not the horse they wanted?, jump in your car and take a day and explore didfrent barns and see what there horses are like and what is for sale there.....then when you are haave found the horse that you like please consult a independent vet ( no ties to the barn that you are buying from) hope this helped

stilllearning 09-01-2007 03:56 PM

Thanks so much, your advice sounds very good.

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