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abbierose1656 11-22-2013 06:43 PM

Lower her head.
Hey all, I want my mare to lower her head carriage when we ride. At the walk its nice and low. When we trot she throws it up and its level to my tata's. Im not talking western pleasure low, like hunters. Or atleast not in the air like a giraffe. When we canter though, she collects. Very weird she does all different things at the different gaits. When we trot she wants to collect, she'll collect for a few seconds, then go back up, then down, then up. I don't know what i do at the canter to get her to stay consistent. Once again, im asking on lowering her head, not collecting. We need to get other things down before collecting. She has no issues. Saddle fits, she is sound. Thanks

P.s. Her neck ties in low to her chest, and i know that makes it even harder. But its possible:)

tinyliny 11-22-2013 09:10 PM

horses usually put their heads where it makes it easiest for them to balance, and when we ride them, we affect their balance. it could be that when you trot, there is someting you are doing as a rider that makes her need to raise her head to stay in balance. Or, you are not sitting or posting the trot in such a way as to be "quiet" on her back, so she hollows out her back ( part of raising the head up is often hollowing , or dropping, the back) in order to try and lessen the bumping.
Not knowing how you ride, or how the saddle fits, one can only speculate.

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