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1dog3cats17rodents 07-17-2009 01:42 PM

I hate tumors
Sigh, why do older rodents have to get tumors? On the same day I discovered one rat and one mouse have tumors. The mouse has a large, fast growing tumor on her back leg. As long as she is happy I will let her enjoy her life, but all too soon she will need to be PTS :cry: Pumpkin, my sweet little rattiekins who thinks she's a dog has a mammary gland tumor. Fortunately it seems to be barely growing at all and is only pea sized. If not for the fact I do daily "tumor checks" I doubt I would have noticed it. I'm torn on whether to do surgery or just let it grow. I had a really bad experience with my first tumor on a rat, and lost the rat two weeks after the surgery from pnemonia. For three days I syringe fed her every two hours around the clock and gave her strong meds, but it wasn't enough. Since then, I've just waited untll the tumor(s) grows too large then had them humanely PTS



MIEventer 07-17-2009 01:52 PM

I know, it is so hard to deal with.

My first rat was a beautiful peach colored dumbo female. I loved her - I rescued her from a breeder, she ended up with tumors on her genitalia and her uterus. She lived a good year with me before she started to develop the tumors, and when she did I had her put to sleep at the Vets office.

She was burried in my Mom's flower garden.

But my last 2 rats, Luna and Aurora - passed of lung infections.

Luna was my first rat since I got married, and she passed away of pnemonia in my Husbands hands. She couldn't breathe anymore, even with meds and my Athsma Inhaler. She took her last breath with us singing to her while Hubby stroked her.

And then Aurora passed the same way. Even on meds and with the Athsma inhaler being given to her, she died of pnemonia as well.

Our last and final rat, is Eclipse. She is a fancy Dumbo and just a special little girl. Believe iit or not, Eclipse is a rescue and she has been with us for 3 years - she lived through both Luna and Aurora. She lost them both as well.

She, is a trouper - she went through trama herself, not that long ago, directly after Aurora passed away, Eclipse was running on her wheel and punctured her right eye.

It was horrendous to see her go through so much pain and anguish - we innitailly thought she had a stroke because the outcome was of her being immobile, laying on her right side, not eating nor drinking.

We thought we were going to loose her as well. She showed 100% signs of a stroke.

Then she started to show signs of attentiveness after 3 days of laying comotose on a blanket on the couch, so I started to feed her baby pablum from an eye dropper and her liquid vitamins and water, and today - she is 100% recovered........cept for her right eye being completely destroyed.

She is blind in one eye, well - it's gone..........and she runs on her wheel, lives in her cage happily and alone, sleeps in her snuggly and hangs with me and her dad on our shoulders and on the couch.

We're going to get her another companion from the rescue in Kalamazoo, we just don't want to have to go through another pnemonia episode - it is much to hard to go through emotionally for me.

SlickDirtyDancin 07-18-2009 04:52 AM

Aww they were adorable. I've never had that problem with my rats. When I used to breed mice it came up a couple of times and they had to be pts. I'm sorry for your losses...

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