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SlickDirtyDancin 07-18-2009 04:27 AM

ABCs of Horses
Okay so this game is pretty simple. The next poster puts the next alphabetical letter down in there post and a horses name they know personally or have rode that starts with the letter.
i.e. I put A is for Angel because I rode a horse named Angel(just an example not true)
If you have a picture of the horse post it too if you can. I need someone else to start it since I don't know or can't think of any horses I've known starting with the letter A.

AztecBaby 07-18-2009 05:57 AM

1 Attachment(s)
A is for Aztec

Walkamile 07-18-2009 09:51 PM

B is for Barb

eventerdrew 07-18-2009 09:56 PM

C is for Cowboy

Walkamile 07-18-2009 10:02 PM

D is for Dolly (first pony my daughter learned to ride on at age 5)

eventerdrew 07-18-2009 10:05 PM

E is for EJ (a friend's 10hh Hackney pony)

morganshow11 07-18-2009 10:13 PM

F is for fury(my old triners horse i used to take lessons on)

Walkamile 07-18-2009 10:17 PM

G is for Gunner (my girlfriends steel dapple gray QH)

eventerdrew 07-18-2009 10:18 PM

G is for Ginisee... my pride and joy! Champion eventer at Novice level

sorry that's 3 already. Just had to do G!

Jillyann 07-19-2009 12:31 AM

H is for Hilda

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