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chasin the dream 07-18-2009 10:54 PM

how much for show coats?
ok i have 2 show coats..i know absolutely NOTHING about idk how much i can get for these 2 coats.
idk what types of coats they are or anything..idk about anything here goes..tell me how much i should ask and how to descrbe themm..selling on ebay :)

heres a little description of both of them

1. navy blue. i think the tag says 10r for the size.idk what that means..and the tag says beaufort riding reallyy good condition i think.

2.a black coat with 4 buttons down the front but one has like a quarter of it tag says lord geoffrey the TAILORED SPORTSMAN.the inside is red.along the inside..its rippedall the way down the back but it would be easy to sew..idk what size...but i know its a bit bigger than the blue idk.very nice looking from outside.

3.a white with thin black stripes show shirt..tag says chelsea.size 36

ok if anyone really needs pics..i guess i could try to post i really need if i sound stupid its bc i have no idea what im talking going by tags and laugh at me english ppl....i ride western!!! lol..its just hat boots and western guysss! i would appreciate it if someone could help me out! need the money for horsey stuff ;D thankkks guyss!!!!!!!!!!

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