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x-xExclusiveJumpx-x 09-03-2007 05:25 PM

Lessons/Training For Zeke's Lease? (NEW HORSE)
Ok first thing is first, I got a new horse. She is a 16.3H bay & white KWPN/AWR registered Dutch Warmblood mare. I love her so much, her name is Paris. Her registered name is in Dutch, its pretty, but anyways. I bought her from a boarder at Kim's where is lease Zeke at. She had 3 horses and can only afford 2 right now because her daughter who paid for Paris's board went to college. I adore riding this big girl, she is a hair from 17H. Paris is very refined and beautiful with great movement and a wonderful temperament. She is 5yrs.old, and is jumping 3'4 easily under saddle. The lady never had time to work with her or she could do so much better. I paid most of her off but i'm doing the other part in payments until my 30 day trial is up. Incase it doesn't work out, but i had my eye on her for so long. But the daughter didn't want to sell her, now she's in college and her mom said she has to go. She can't afford everybody since her daughter needs to focus her money on college. I've been schooling her on the flat for almost a week, but yesterday i took her over some jumps and she is smooth and comfortable. Keeps a steady pace approaching, next flat and soft canter and boy can she do a lead change.

Her daughter was teaching her dressage but she mainly just jumped her. I love the balance she represents when i ride, she can really pick her self off the bit, stall soft and not bundled up. My friend who has rode Grand Prix horses and good sized trainer got on her for fun. She said she's never felt a horse this soft and flowing at her age. I've been jumping her over everything, and i took her threw a practice cross country course at Kim's. To test her agility, i love how easy i can pick up and get a complete response. I love Zeke with all my heart, but i know he's not my horse. But Kim offered me a deal if i train a few horses and give lessons i can get free lease on him. Which is a fair offer but i have a part time job, a new horse, and i haven't gave lessons much in the past 2-3yrs. After being on Paris i'm not sure, because Zeke gets hard approaching a jump, and he can get a little sour. He's a speed demon i ran him Cross Country a lot and since he can clear pretty high jumps i just either ran him X-C or high jumps. It really helped deliver the energy, and he is a dream to ride if you know how. But i have the complete option of letting Amateur jumpers on Paris, she's that relaxed and prepared. She is giving me 2 weeks and then she's going to open him to somebody else. Its hard to decide, because i'm thinking about getting another Warmblood mare and breeding Paris.

Its been my DREAM to breed Eventing Warmbloods, and she has outstanding lines and she has a good winning title. Correct conformation and very easy to work off of. Plus my barn will be done in about another week. I'm not sure what to do, i just got Zeke to throw me in the ring again and crack the whip on my riding. He did and i really got a good grip on him, and i love him for that. But she has him up for sale, and is giving me a trade on lease with an option Lease to sale as well. I'm just so use to getting a horse to 100% provide for me. If i got a horse i feel more relaxed on and i can breed, what honestly is he providing. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but is it wrong to get him because i don't want somebody else to have him? That’s very selfish, on the other hand i can balance out riding more than 1 horse. I rode more than just Zeke, i worked part time at Kim’s exercising Jumpers. I always made time to work Zeke. But with me finishing college, my job, Paris and possibly buying another mare and trying to lift up breeding. Would it be a good idea for me a horse i really can't decide if i'll use. But in the good side i love Paris, and my barn should be finished with in 1-2 weeks! YAY :D Thanks for listening to my problems.

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