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MikeTucson 11-29-2013 07:39 PM

Continuing the saddle design....Forms, now the Trees
So, we have now done the saddle forms and just received the saddle trees to try. I thought following this process I would be able to judge if we are selecting the right saddle fit. But, not with the forms, and still not sure with the trees....

Here are the Trees:

Joby - 14 HH RMSH

Joby - LT Tree Pictures-video Photos by Mike_and_Helena | Photobucket

Bart - 15.2 HH KMSH

Bart - SE Tree Pictures Photos by Mike_and_Helena | Photobucket

Let us know what you think. I am still hopeful we are going in the right direction....

Helena and Mike

tinyliny 11-29-2013 08:55 PM

the tree for Bart is alarmingly close to his withers. I think the bars are too wider apart, thus allowing the fork to be too low.

Allison Finch 11-29-2013 09:24 PM

They are both too wide and sit too close to the wither, IMHO.

Are these full quarter horse bars or semi?

MikeTucson 11-29-2013 09:44 PM

The one for Bart is too wide but, they did not have a 7 1/4" (the tree on him is 7 1/2") and just wanted to get a look at the tree. They felt they could tell if the 7 1/4" would work using this tree.

MikeTucson 11-29-2013 09:46 PM

Allison, the tree for Joby is a Gaited tree (probably extra wide). The tree for Bart is a Mule tree.

flytobecat 11-29-2013 09:54 PM

They both look to wide to me as well. Also, it looks like the tree on Joby might have a little bridging going on since it isn't sitting flat on the back.

SouthernTrails 11-29-2013 10:11 PM


The Standard LT tree has a 6.5" Gullet

The Standard SE tree has a 6.75" Gullet

That being said, you can order either of those trees with wider gullets, but I did not see Steele's designation of +1/4 or +1/2 that would say they were non-standard, but maybe the Saddle Maker ordered them wider than standard and Steele forgot to mark them with the addition....

Joby's tree looks like it has the correct angle on the front of the bar but way too wide, the back of the bars are not flat enough but angles are good.

Bart's tree also has the correct angle in the front of the bar but way too wide, the back of the bar has the wrong angle.


Allison Finch 11-29-2013 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by MikeTucson (Post 4205058)
Allison, the tree for Joby is a Gaited tree (probably extra wide). The tree for Bart is a Mule tree.

Mule trees are not made for horses. Mules often tend to have a VERY straight back and their trees are made for that. They will seldom fit the more curved backs of horses, IME.

MikeTucson 11-30-2013 05:22 PM

So, no one liked the SE tree (including the saddle fitter). Since I have the LT tree we put it on Bart. It is definitely wayyy too big and it comes up in the back. I am not a fan of the LT for Bart.

Bart - LT Tree Photos by Mike_and_Helena | Photobucket

Let me know what you think of this one.

MikeTucson 11-30-2013 05:25 PM

Kevin both the SE and LT are +1/2. They are thinking about the LT for Joby, they think it looks close and are not sure if we can get something closer. Hopefully they have something to say Monday...

Mike and Helena

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