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morganshow11 07-20-2009 10:00 PM

Critique me!(MIEventer for the jumping part)
Ok, i know im not stable(im working on it) due to a knee injury. so no comments on that please, thanks! For the jumping part I would love MIEventer to critique me please! other people can critique the jumping also!!9yes, rowdy is giated)

Spastic_Dove 07-20-2009 10:35 PM

I'm just going to point out what I saw from a general riding standpoint since there's better people to judge the actual jumping.
What is with your hands coming back to your knees? Overall your hands/arms look quite unstable overall. Rowdy (Is that still his name?) seems like he is still rushing around like a chicken with his head cut off so I'd like to work on softening him up and getting him more responsive and less bracy which will be easier if you learn to be more stable in your upper body.

I won't critique your legs since you mentioned that, but I was wondering why jump with a hurt knee (Fellow knee pain sufferer here)...seems like it would be counter-productive.

Is that the eggbutt you're jumping in? I tried to pause to see, but it got blurry.

morganshow11 07-20-2009 10:46 PM

yeah i know about the chicken part lol(im working on that)

When i jump it dosnt hurt my knee for some reason, riding doesnt even hurt it

Spastic_Dove 07-20-2009 10:53 PM

Weird. My knee will buckle if I two point for too long and it is acting up.

I'm not a jumper, but one of the ways that may help him is to change things up a bit. Your indoor looks quite small, but if he is just running (trotting) in circles anticipating that jump, a green horse like him is going to want to rush. Could you throw in some figure eights and circles and really ask him to bend and THINK rather than just run in a circle?

morganshow11 07-20-2009 10:59 PM

Yeah i ALWAYS do figure 8's and serpentines, that calms him down alot. I can just let the reins go when he is walking and he will put is head down like a western pleasuer horse and walk, until i kick him, and he used to never be like that when i got him. SO i think im doing a good job. And yes the arena is TINY!! but its better than just having an outdoor cuz i wouldnt bealbe to practice barrels, or jumps lol. We have a feild to jump in but rowdy hates the field lol

Spastic_Dove 07-20-2009 11:00 PM

I mean when you are jumping. Sorry if I didn't make any sense. I'm burnt out today.

morganshow11 07-20-2009 11:04 PM

What do you mean? lol(sorry)

Spastic_Dove 07-20-2009 11:09 PM

You know how in the video, you jumped, then made a large circle to jump again?
In my experience, they get caught up in knowing they are going to jump and start rushing and ignoring what are telling them.

When you are jumping, ride the arena like you aren't jumping. Like people say, it's dressage with speed bumps. So if you are jumping, continue to make figure eights and circles and change things up like you would normally, now you just have to go over a jump too. This will make sure your horse has a job and needs to listen for the rest of your ride and isn't just worrying about jumping.

The book 101 jumping exercises has some really good ones, so does the 101 arena exercises and you could just throw in jumps...

Does that make sense or am I babbling? I'm looking online to see if I can find a diagram from the books I mentioned and if I can, I'll post an example.

masatisan 07-20-2009 11:10 PM

You are going into your two-point too early and coming out of it too early, you are sitting defore he is over the jump.

mom2pride 07-20-2009 11:12 PM

Definitely Rowdy needs work on softening and obeying your leg and the bit; you won't achieve that doing jump work, that will have to be done seperately, and alot of it can be done on the ground, even; think lateral bending\flexing. Soften his head and neck from side to side, and you will eventually be able to start softening him from back to front as well. He also needs to learn how to disengage his hindquarters, again, something you can teach him from the ground, and transfer to rein\leg; because being able to disengage his hind end is only the very beginning to actually getting a horse to collect himself. If you don't have that 'button' in place, you may not ever be able to soften the horse enough from behind, to get him to lift in the front. Right now, all he is doing is dragging himself around, basically one leg after another...hollowed out, no collection. That may also be why you have such a hard time sitting, or posting him properly; it may have nothing to do with your bum leg.

Anyway, that said, the video was kind of all over the place, and a jump critique is actually rather difficult; the one jump I did see adequately, you seemed way ahead of him...

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