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MissAllySunshine 12-01-2013 11:58 PM

Plus Size Riders and Arabians!
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I posted on here about a year ago i think asking about Plus sized riders with arabian horses...and definitely recieved alot of information to run on. For one, the stallion I had, we only kept him a stallion at the time to breed 1 mare, we wanted at least one colt out of him before we geld him. He has his "wife" and is a very happy boy, (baby due any day now! ) Once the colt is on the ground and healthy he will go see the vet to be gelded. I did not plan on riding him at a 4 year old at my weight, the young man riding him is a about 5'8 140 lb rider, then he will be given to my brother in law now who is about 5'9 and 200 lbs.

I did not give up on arabians. But decided that until i loose weight, Romeo is not ment for me right now. I currently have my new baby, Shammy, he is a 7 year old 15'1 stocky Arab gelding. My goal is to train him to western pleasure but we are doing alot of conditioning and ground work before i start to train him for weight has been up and down due to health issues, and while working a 80hr a week job..i had no real time to diet and go to the gym. But now i am back in school and hitting the gym 5x a week, plus all the ground work with him.

I'm very hopeful for him, I've seen a few plus size riders in the western pleasure classes. My main goal is for a happy healthy horse of course. Mine are all spoiled.

But enough of that for now...I currently Have a 16.1 Quarter/Paint cross, we call him dinosaur, he is big boned, big feet, and wide. The man i bought him from...poor thing was close to 450 lbs of weight...and he packed him around the mountains...I've seen horses carry heavier riders and normally the horses want to go slower, and seemed stressed, but Arrow, constantly wants to go fast! he is most comfortable at a trot, but can have a nasty attitude. He has been vet checked and sound, including his back (he is 6 yrs old btw) no sway in his back either. He stands perfectly for me to mount, and loves the trails...and to chase cows with my fat ass! has anyone heard of a horse going faster if the rider is to heavy? maybe i am just being paranoid.

I attached pictures of both, the grey is my New Arabian Shammy, and the big paint is my Arrow ^_^

Attachment 329130

Attachment 329138

dnttouchmyramen 12-02-2013 12:20 AM

They are both lovely horses :) I also am new to the plus size riders with a paint horse club hehe:wink: Something about those patches distract everyone from my big bum LOL! Good luck with the both of them!

Golden Horse 12-15-2013 05:56 PM

Pretty looking boys, or should that be handsome?

As to weight carrying and Arabs, check this out:

Welcome to Arabian - Education

Arabian Horse History & Heritage

Arabians in the U.S. Army? You bet!

Early in the history of the Arabian horse in America, directors of the Arabian Horse Registry were sure that the best way to promote the Arabian Horse in the United States was to get the Army interested in using and breeding Arabians. They spent a lot of time, money, and energy proving to cavalry majors that Arabians made the best cavalry horses.
In 1919, W.R. Brown, then President of the Arabian Horse Registry, organized the first Cavalry Endurance Ride. The U.S. Remount Service had just been established by the government and there were only 362 registered Arabian horses in the country. It was a prime time to convince the government to breed Arabians. With so few Arabian horses, it was no easy task to find enough to adequately represent the breed in the endurance ride. However, the Arabs made a superior showing taking most of the prizes including first. Mr. Brown won first place on his purebred Arabian mare RAMLA #347. RAMLA carried 200 pounds on the ride
The second Cavalry Endurance Ride was held in 1920. The U.S. Remount Service, representing the Army, became much more involved in the ride this year. The Army wanted to increase the weight carried to 245 pounds and the Arabian owners agreed. The horses traveled sixty miles a day for five days with a minimum time of nine hours each day. The highest average points of any breed entered went to Arabians, although a grade Thoroughbred entered by the Army won first.

danny67 12-27-2013 12:07 PM

Well I always heard that Arabs had one less vertibrae in their back and thus could carry more weight. Not sure if that is try. My 14.2 Arab could trail ride just fine with me and my 260 lbs. Just hacking. Not like we were galloping for an hour and jumping fences, but he could go out all day and walk/trot etc.

Country Woman 12-30-2013 11:20 PM

I am on the chunky side and ridden Arabians in the past

MissAllySunshine 01-09-2014 01:40 AM

So far there has been no issues with me and Shammy. He easily seems to carry me. Ears foreward, and he transitions from a walk trot and canter with ease. Hopefully we only get better. I love my paint horse but i missed how smooth a arabian can be. lol

Zexious 01-09-2014 10:38 AM

So glad to hear you found a compatible partner, in the 'model' you wanted ;D <3

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