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jfoster3 09-04-2007 01:04 PM

Anybody in Utah?
My name is Jessica and I am from Provo, Utah. I don't actually own any horses (but I do have chihuahua who'd THINKS she's a horse--and no she's not one of those yippy kind--she's trained and she actually WALKS on the ground:) ).
Anyhow, I think it'd be cool to take horseback riding lessons and I was wondering if anybody knew of anywhere in Provo that taught them.
I'd be a super newby. Last week, I went to Colorado with my roommate and rode horses for the first time ever and it was fun, but I want to learn how to do it right.
Plus, I tend to tense up a lot when I'm on the horse and well, I won't admit that I'm scared, but horses are so big and I am a pretty small girl (only 5'1") and I'm not used to being that far off the ground. But it'd be good for me to learn. So anybody know of any good horseback ridng instructors in Provo Utah?

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