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beau159 12-04-2013 03:18 PM

What do you think of his movement for WP?
I know a little bit about Western Pleasure, but not much. I go to local fun shows that have a little bit of everything from showmanship to WP to reining to speed events. And enter it all with my horse Red.

This past year was my first year of doing that with him (I've only had him since last year) and much to my surprise, he did VERY well despite no formal training for WP. I *kinda* practiced obstacles for competitive trail and again, he placed at both shows I got him to, and one was 2nd place out of about 16 riders. I don't take any credit; he's just kinda got a natural pace (as much as I can tell, anyway).

I don't have a video of us doing WP but I do have two videos of doing a backback dollar race and an egg&spoon race at a gaming show. So granted, I wasn't asking for slow WP gaits necessarily .... just tried to keep my dollar and egg!

But past my rambling, I guess my question is: Is there something about his movement that a WP judge would favor? Just kinda curious since he's done well in WP and showing at the local shows. (Sorry for the poor videos. A cousin recorded them and he couldn't get me digital copies .... had to record off my computer!)

Judge had to inspect our dollar bills .... fast forward to like 1:30. I'm wearing the yellow tank top and black helmet.

And of course, I suppose I should include an actual photo!

beau159 12-09-2013 10:42 AM

Bumping this up.

oh vair oh 12-09-2013 11:37 AM

Honestly, it's sooo hard to tell anything from those videos. Anyway you can upload the original, and not video the TV?

beau159 12-09-2013 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by oh vair oh (Post 4270202)
Honestly, it's sooo hard to tell anything from those videos. Anyway you can upload the original, and not video the TV?

Yea, I kinda figured it might be hard to see. Certainly not the best quality video. :?

I'm stuck with what I've got, unfortunately. I'll have to get some better videos next year.

Palomine 12-10-2013 03:10 PM

How is this horse bred? Pedigree please.

And videos are no good for the most part....BUT I like this horse very much, and if head was lower, think could do fairly well at local levels or state level. That is if what little I could see is supported by better video.

Do you have access to a WP trainer that is any good?

Waiting to see papers.

greentree 12-10-2013 07:41 PM

It would be SO awesome if that would win at WP!!! He is beautiful, I LOVE his head and neck, and he looks like a pleasure!

I am afraid I DO NOT understand what difference his papers make...he is not a baby prospect, and he is a gelding.


smrobs 12-10-2013 07:54 PM

Greentree, his bloodlines would tell us if he is actually bred to move like a WP horse or if she just got lucky.

I really like him, Beau. Like the others said, it's hard to tell much of anything technical from the videos, but I can tell that he's tall, he's leggy and when you're riding, he's relaxed, responsive, and relatively cadenced. His headset is a little high for WP in those videos but a higher headset on a better moving body is, IMHO, much better than a low headset on a crappy moving body. He's a little short strided, but his movement appears to be flowy.

I think if you worked on getting him a little flatter on the topline, he could really clean up.

PleasureLoverxx 12-15-2013 06:47 PM

Well bloodlines are not everything.. it annoys me when all people care about is bloodlines.. I have known soo many horses that are top bred and are crap horses.. but anyways :) haha im in love him! he is nicely built. The main thing to wp is getting the hip and rolling his back up at all times.. i always work on the head last. It looks like he would be really good at it :) Good luck

GamingGrrl 12-15-2013 08:04 PM

I think there's potential! The jog was nice, just needs to be slowed down a tad. Headset will come with correct training for WP.
I like to see a deeper driving hock on my WP horses at a lope, but overall not bad!
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beau159 12-20-2013 11:33 AM

He's bred to run barrels .... so I'm pretty sure I just got lucky that he has these nice and easy gaits. Although he does have a teensy bit of WP blood lines on bottom (Krogs Papdahleo).

Saltys Red Rock Quarter Horse

I have no desire to do showing events at a big level. I just like to do the local show circuit for fun. However, if he's got a little bit of potential there, it would be nice to "capitalize" on it. After the holidays, I am going to take some formal English and WP lessons. First on a lesson horse, and then eventually bring him in when I've got some basics down. The English instructor is very knowledgeable with good references; the WP instructor has a national championship on one horse, and she's somewhat new to lessons, so I'll have to feel for her as we go along.

Better videos will have to wait until spring, unless I haul to an indoor at some point. The current ice and snow (and an out-of-shape fat horse) probably wouldn't make for the best video right now.

smrobs: Hmm, I never considered him to have long legs OR a long stride. He's about 15.2 hands. Of course, I was used to my 16.1 gelding before I got him, so Red feels tiny to me in that comparison.

He does tend to be front end heavy, and in those videos I was not helping because I know I was leaning forward in order to balance my egg and keep my dollar. (Sacrifice good riding form to keep those things!!) So it does take some effort to keep him collected on his back end and driving from it.

He does have the capability to have sloooooooow gaits (again, just think I got super lucky with him). I had him at a reining trainer for 30 days this past spring and I went up 5 or 6 times to do lessons on him while he was there. When he is relaxed, and listening, wow! :shock: I honestly think that was the "slowest" horse I have ever personally ridden.

Now if I can just keep him sound, we'll be good to go!

Thank you for the compliments, everyone. If he wasn't such a dang good horse, I wouldn't be sticking all this lameness $$$$$ into him, but I so very want to find a way to keep him sound because I want to compete with him. He's really going to be a good all-around horse that can do anything.

Sure, he can be wound up tighter than a spring on some days, and he certainly has that barrel horse spunk to him, but he also can be a nice little western pleasure horse on some days. He's certainly not lacking in the personality department.

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