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SlideStop 12-04-2013 05:34 PM

Had an awesome lesson...
I just got back into reining lessons after taking a 3 months break (financial reasons). I started riding a new horse, and apparently a rather good one. He has won several regional rookie and non-pro "titles", as my trainer put it. My trainer also sold his sister for (reportedly) $20,000 and that horse "isnt even a pimple on his ***".

So now your probably wondering what my lessons was awesome... Well, it not because I did really good. I got a nice humbling lesson. I definitely have a new appreciation for a "higher caliber" horse. I also have a new appreciation for the school masters. I always wondered why my old trainer never used to let me ride other horses besides their retires show horses. Now I know, I need to develop way more skill, timing and feel! It also doesn't help that I tend to ride a bit more conservativly when I'm on other people horses.

Was it horrible and out of control? No. He is definitely a horse I could grow into with time... But boy do I have a new appreciation for the people and horses who make it look easy!

Can't wait to work my way up there!
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Nell J 12-06-2013 02:26 AM

Glad you had an awesome ride. I may have to try borrowing a more finished horse. Thanks for the post... My reiner is a steady eddy and my new filly is so much more light and sensitive. I am worried I won't be light enough or vise versa. She is a quick and light little bugger. I haven't ridden very many reiners.. only a few, and you inspired me! It may help to rider a lighter finished horse.

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