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Nell J 12-04-2013 11:30 PM

New to NRCHA and needing advice
So I bought a reining horse eight years ago... I started in rein with a heeler horse. When I bought my gelding the guy said he is breed etc etc etc what do you plan to do with him? I said ahhhh I dunno trail ride and learn more rein. He scowled pretty hard at me. Luckily the breeder was awesome and said use this trainer (six hours from me)

So I trail rode and sent him off and on to training. The problem 8 months training sheriff (my gelding) was smart and stubborn sort and played me without working with the trainer.

So... I switched to a guy an hour away and took a ton of lessons. Sheriff went oh crap darn it ad started working and progressing faster.

I then went to a clinic with original trainer and he went NICE you should show him! I went HUH? This is scary even for older adults when the "locals" say trainers are soaking me and a horse needs no more then three months training etc.. (I am far from rein and nrcha land.... even local guy trains trail horses lack of clients... shows pro though mind you)

So (go ahead and laugh) I walking into center of arena and started pattern.... looked at score -2 and went ummm why (as nrcha and using nrha trainer not present). I also knew vaguely one trainer and one other helpful to beginners person...

Next showing I walked to center of arena -2... luckily judge was handy.. I said how come I got a minus two? He said OH I was so hoping your trainer would tell you.... you have to trot in!

My horse got third (not those patterns) and we did alright... but how do I get more connected? The first trainer was six hours away. I have two trainers 2 1/2 hours away but one is too push the horse for my new filly's personality and the other doesn't ride/train like I am use too.

I did send my filly four hours away to nrcha trainer... but what more can I do in this situation. How do I get connected in a show world were mainly people showed there whole life... trainer camps... and feeling a bit lost and needing help?

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