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deineria 07-24-2009 12:08 PM

Showing in Halter question
I have recently purchased an Arab Mare (she is a grand-daughter of Desperado V, and lines to Ruminaja Ali, Ramses Neer Tari, Asadd, etc) that is very well bred and lovely to look at. I've had her bred to a Magnum Psyche son for a Summer 2010 foal. This will be her first foal, and I had hoped to show her, probably in halter, at some point in the future. I have no experience in showing in Halter, but I think we would enjoy going that direction with her. However, since bringing her here, she had an "excited" moment and ended up with some little nicks on her forehead (5 or 6), and I'm not sure what she did this on in the barn, but they are there now. I think they will heal to almost unnoticeable scars and they are VERY small, and her forelock covers them totally. She also rubbed an area about the size of quarter or a little larger on her hip (all since coming here a week ago) during the same time she did the above to her forehead, and I imagine it will heal over and not scar because it looks more as if she rubbed the hair off that area.

My question is, will these things prevent her from being shown in Halter? I've not seen a judge mess with their heads and without doing so, you could not see these little places, but I've only watched halter at the Egyptian Event in Lexington, so maybe it varies show to show.

I don't have any photos of her since doing this at the moment.

QHChik 07-24-2009 02:04 PM

for Quarter Horse halter horses, scars are not supposed to be judged against because they technically are not part of the horse's conformation. However, I have no clue about Arabs...

Dartanion 07-29-2009 05:23 PM

Maybe you can go to a local arab show or open show and try to talk to the judge when he/she has a spare moment and ask them if some scars would be a problem? never hurts to ask right?

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