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jadeewood 07-24-2009 05:54 PM

Scary Jumps ?
Hi, i need help?
i want to try and make some scary jumps so i can try and see waht my horse dont like. she is fine with fillers, water trays, planks,gates, ect so i was just wondering how can i make my jump scary.

looking forward to hearing some suggestion :)

IrishRider 07-24-2009 06:03 PM

Get those big life size cardboard cut-outs of movie stars and attach them to the jump standards. Use Halloween or Christmas decorations, tinsel, stuff that flaps in a breeze. Pinwheels. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

morganshow11 07-24-2009 07:15 PM

Somthing bright
Mabey get some paper that is these colors, and then tape it to the jump
(neon green and neon pink)

Sparkles 07-24-2009 07:56 PM

We use pin wheels like these;
And stick them every where, when the wind blows they spin..they're always fun.

RideroftheWind 07-29-2009 12:02 PM

Use bright, flashy colours like neon. Use a lot of colours, too. You could use brightly-coloured poles if you have them, each pole a different colour. Then take a small plank of wood or something and paint it with flashy pictures and colours. Prop it up in the middle of the jump. Add flowerpots or windmills something under the jump. Decorate the sides of the jump with other things, like strands of tinsil.
If your horse is completely comfaterable with those, you've go a wonder of a horse. The horse I ride would flatly refuse!

jadeewood 07-29-2009 02:39 PM

i have done the wind meals and bright coloured jumps and still notrefusing shes flying over them

CrazyH0rse 07-29-2009 02:41 PM

what about just a coat, or piece of clothing on a windy day. The first time we did that with my horse she took a second look.

jadeewood 07-29-2009 04:31 PM

i will try when i next ride her x

Dartanion 07-29-2009 05:31 PM

SOmething I did was get some balloons and blow them up and tie them to the poles or the standards. D didn't have a problem with them but my mare took a couple of looks! lol.

jadeewood 07-29-2009 05:43 PM

thats a good idea will try that.

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