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MA Rescues 07-24-2009 10:13 PM

A Little Bit of Help Please? (paso finos)
I work for a horse rescue and adoption center in Tennessee and I need a little bit of help. We just recived two Paso Fino geldings, both a little over green-broke. I have very little experience with the breed and need some training advice. They both flat walk and Paso Corto, but neither will Paso Largo or Classic Fino. I also don't know how to collect them in a manner in line with breed standards. If anyone has any information, please help. I want to get these lovely horses trained and adopted out to good loving people. Thank you.


Sunny06 07-25-2009 11:58 AM

There is this great book that teaches all kinds of stuff about many gaited breeds, including Pasos. Maybe take a look? ;)

Easy-Gaited Horses by Lee Ziegler reviewed at farmers market online

charlene1985 08-04-2009 03:46 AM

if you dont want to buy the book go to Brenda Imus Gaited Horse Info and Products there is a forum on that sight about nothing but gaited horses. That should help. Also Ive noticed with some pasos they just cant perform it. Also they have to build up the muscle memory to correctly do the gait. Keep them at a pace that they can do well for a while and then try to move them up. The main thing is just getting them to pull the nose in a little dont let them streach it out like a quarter horse. I have trained 3 pasos and the way they gait is different. We have one that will gait going about 14 mph for a long distance and still be fresh. Theres another that will do a melow gait kinda lolly gagging along and she tires quickly. The other one...Ive been riding her for over a year now and i still have problems getting her to gait. It varies horse to horse but check out the gaitsofgold website its very informative

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