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EnduranceLover6 12-06-2013 08:18 PM

Feeding The Weanling
Can you tell me what you are feeding your weanling(s) for both hay and grain. I'd like to know the amount and why you chose those feeds. I am trying to put together an optimal feeding regimen for a 5 month old with as much forage as possible. I realize some grains aren't available in certain areas so if you could tell me what your grain amounts are for protein, fat, and fiber that would be great. Pictures are welcome!!!

Merlot 12-07-2013 12:38 AM

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Zephyr is a year old now but he is on grass 24 hours. Mostly this is old dry grass except in the spring when it was pretty green. He gets plain meadow hay in the winter and through summer when the grass burns off.
As to hard feed, he gets twice a day a small feed of the following...
* Speedi Beet soaked together with Copra meal
* Oaten chaff
* A high spec vit/min
* Plain salt

The hard feed is really just to make sure he gets his vits and mins :-)
We are in New Zealand so I realise the feeds and the grazing conditions are vastly different :-)

The pictures are of him the day he was separated from his Mum (11 months old) (she was put in the next door paddock) He is throwing a wee tantrum here...
and at a year old a couple of weeks ago - he hasn't lost any condition at all ;-)

usandpets 12-07-2013 04:07 AM

We have a 7 month old filly and a 3 month old mule colt (not weaned yet). Both are on hay 24/7 and no feed.

Last year, we gave Jackson, now a yearling, beet pulp (and some sweet feed for texture) to help put some weight on for winter. After a while, he started having issues with his back legs. He started walking on the toes of his hooves and his legs were shaking. We took him to the vet to find out what was wrong. She asked what he was being fed and told us to stop giving him anything but the hay. Turns out that the extra feed was making his bones grow faster than his tendons. She said that younger horses don't need anything extra than hay or grass.

Grain really isn't a good food for horses. It isn't easily digestible. You would do better with a ration balancer.
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PaintHorseMares 12-07-2013 04:23 AM

Our horses are on 24x7 pasture and free choice hay and we don't feed a lot of grain. Our 7 month old colt (Buckshot) gets the same grain and amount as the adults. It's a textured feed from our local mill and similar to Horseman's Edge 10:10, 2 cups twice a day.

EnduranceLover6 12-07-2013 12:53 PM

Thank you for such detail and pictures of your little ones...they look great!

Ace80908 12-07-2013 01:25 PM

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I feed my 8 month old colt, Howard, free feed timothy grass hay and 6 pounds of purina ultium (broken down into morning and evening 3 lbs. at a time) - he also has free choice mineral block and I keep him turned out as much as possible. I just got him a week ago, but his old barn had him on same ratios, but different hay/grain. I look forward to seeing the glow the Ultium puts on the babies.

ropinbiker 12-09-2013 10:01 AM

Ace, I don't think you will need to feed that much Ultium, my 1100 lb roping horse only gets 6 pounds a day....and he chases and pulls cows for a living. I think your boy may only need around 4 pounds(or whatever the minimum is to get the required vitamins and minerals).

Ace80908 12-09-2013 12:44 PM

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Ultium actually recomends 7 pounds for his weight, broken into three feedings. I had Spidey (my now coming two year old) on this program and loved the results. Spidey grew well and correctly with no growth/leg issues. Here is Spidey at the World Show Nov 14, with a picture of the day I brought him home 5 months earlier for comparison - although the last month I also had him on DAC oil for shine and extra fat.

Everyone has their own feeding programs, this is the one that works for me.

EnduranceLover6 12-09-2013 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by ropinbiker (Post 4269682)
Ace, I don't think you will need to feed that much Ultium, my 1100 lb roping horse only gets 6 pounds a day....and he chases and pulls cows for a living. I think your boy may only need around 4 pounds(or whatever the minimum is to get the required vitamins and minerals).

Weanlings/Yearlings actually require more concentrates than an adult horse because their hind gut cannot fully process forage yet. That is why most growth formulas recommend 6-9lbs of feed a day (split into an many feedings as possible). Personally I like to feed as much forage as possible, but most young, growing horses will need either a decent amount of grain or a ration balancer along with high protein/vit/min forage. Every baby is different, however I feel that ALL of your babies look fantastic even though everyone has different feeding methods! Props to you!

ropinbiker 12-09-2013 03:45 PM

Agree with both of you...BUT - Ultium is a very high fat feed(makes my gelding fat....that's why he only gets 6 lbs) and the ultium is too low in protein for a weanling anyway -- which is why the recommended feed for a weanling is the Ultium Growth.

I was just cautioning you that 7 pounds of Ultium makes my HARD working 1100 pound horse too heavy. Won't help out again.

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