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Whipple 07-26-2009 03:25 PM

Small pets worth less?
So a few recent posts got me thinking. When you breed a horse, most people will put lots of thought into it, hopefully, and not breed mediocre horses. We all know there are just too many floating around that are probably here due to careless breeding. So what happens? Well that depends how lucky they are.

I dont want to discuss slaughter!

But when breeding smaller animals like rats, cats, ferrets, ect; should people put as much thought and care into it?

I think so. Its an animal. they should be cared for the same as larger, more exspensive animals, and not bred just because. Being cute is not a good reason. Having one of each sex is not a reason. Because its fun is not a good reason.

Please lets keep this civil. I'm sure we are all mature and can discuss this without resorting to names. This is not an argument, it's a discussion.

farmpony84 07-26-2009 04:47 PM

Truthfully, where I live, unless you are looking to breed a specific cat, (maine coon, persian, siamese, etc)...I see no reason to breed one. There are just too many available at the pound. If you are breeding then I feel you should follow the breed standards, as with ANY animal.

I never understand the breeding threads. I spent a good year looking to purchase my dog, yes he's a purebred. I wanted a collie and that's what I got. I think that if a person wants something of a pure breed, then they should be able to purchase it without judgement. I don't understand dog breeding because people will pay hundreds of dollars for certain breeds, say a Schnoodle. To me, that's a mutt. That's all it is. I figure if a mutt is what you want, go to the pound... but then again, you can't go to the pound and get that specific mix of dog, and if that's what you want... unless someone breeds it... how can you get it?

I bought my rat at the petstore. Yes I did. He's a good rat, sweet and kind and we've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of him. I'm not sure I would purchase one from a home breeder. I don't know enough about them to know I'm getting a good healthy rat that's been properly screened... What? I don't know enough about them! I shouldnt have one! Sometimes people make me feel like I should have a college degree on a breed of animal before I can buy it...

Horses confuse me too... To me, a purebred is something like a QH or a TB or a Welsh pony, etc... A warmblood to me is like a schnoodle... a fancy mutt.... but then again, if that's what you are looking for... I do know that there are rules and regulations and what not to the registry....

I don't like that people think breeding should be left to the proffessionals because... what makes you an expert? How do you get the experience and if you have the time and the money and the place and the want... why can't you breed?

so confused......... and I did notice a thread that mentioned feeding rats to snakes.... I hate to say it but... the snakes have to eat too.... :( that's why I won't have a snake... I can't buy a mouse to feed a snake! It would make me sad....

Okay... my rant is over... not really rant, opinions...

to answer the OP's question, in MY opinion, all lives are equal.... big, small, tiny, ugly, fat... whatever... if it lives and breathes.... it deserves to be loved.... unless it's evil... then we can squish it!

close2prfct 07-26-2009 04:59 PM

I volunteered in an animal rescue center for almost a year, the majority of the dogs we took in were pure bred. Some people, just like with horses tend to look at the money Unfortunately for smaller animals they require less space, less expense in general so breeders breed tons.
I cannot begin to count the numerous of dogs we took in that were the product of very bad breeding; conformation problems, health problems, temperament issues and never been socialized with humans other than when yanked from one cage to breed or when fed or watered.

They should at the least meet the standard for their breed whether it is cats or dogs, since I have no knowledge of rodents I can't comment other than I am sure there are things specifically people should not want to ever re-create.
A story to tell..We had this one lady who had a maltese she bred her every heat cycle to the ugliest poodle I had ever seen in my life. She advertised the babies over the internet and sold them for 850$ each. WHEN any survived & the litters were only 2-3 pups. We all balked and told her she needed to stop breeding her dogs but she refused to listen. I remember one pup in particular he was about 5 wks old when one of her kids fell backwards on the laundry basket the pups were killed him. An accident? yes but still the same had she not been breeding her dogs to make a buck the puppy wouldn't have been here to have been squished by a 90lb kid.

morganshow11 07-26-2009 09:23 PM

Thanks whipple for putting this on a different thread than discusing it on mine!! one person who listened!
************************************************** ****
IMO I think that carless breeding his horrable. I have heard people that breed for the 'fun' and 'exitment'. But i find no 'fun' and 'exitment' in breeding(i dont breed ). BUt why breed if there is no reason to. What will happen to the babies that are? they dont have a say in what their future is. If you are just gonna breed them for snake food, i wouldnt breed them at all. Becuase if somthing went wrong and the mom died, then her death would be from just to get her babies for snake food.

1dog3cats17rodents 07-26-2009 11:48 PM

In my opinion, every animal should only be bred if it will be an improvement on it's parents. I don't care how cute or sweet it is. If you don't show to prove their qualities, then you need to be well versed in proper breed standard, be it a dog, mouse, horse, or snuffalaffugus.

All dogs to be bred should be within breed standard, have an excellent temperment, and have the proper testings with acceptable results. Different breeds need different tests including eyes, hips, ears, thyroid, etc.

For most occasions, a person will not own both parents of an animal. What are the odds your bitch/mare/doe perfectly matches your stud/buck/dog? I have greater respect for a owner who searches for the correct sire then just uses the most convenient one.

With the exception of horses, I don't think mutts should be bred. what's the point? Go to a shelter, there are many EXCELLENT choices, purebred and mixes.

If you don't have a specific breed of cat who is well bred, don't breed. There are kitty mutts of every size, shape. color, and fur in shelters being euthanised daily.

No pet shop animal should be bred. They are bred for a profit nothing else. The health, temperment and conformation of the dog are not taken into consideration.

I have no problem with people who breed for example mice for snakes. BUT they should have proper equipment, be knowledgable about the healthiest food (you are what you eat) and should have a customer base. I don't like people who say "I'll just breed them and give them to whoever, someone will take them". I don't have a problem with people who say "these mice are being bred for consumption. I have proper euthanasia equipment and freezing equipment. I have means for developing a client base and will not produce more then will be purchased or used for my own reptiles"

A well bred horse is one exception, but for 99% percent of animals, you will be losing money if you breed them correctly. Vaccinations, health tests, finding a stud, and showing are costly and time consuming. I prefer to think of it as an expensive hobby, not a career

I could go on for hours, but I will be good and stop here

ilovemyPhillip 07-27-2009 07:52 PM

O yay a good thread to discus this!!

For smaller animals (rats/ferrets/Hamsters.. etc) - i will NOT EVER but one from a pet shop... EVER. The petshop ones are born in horrible breeding-mills which conditions are terrible. Back-Yard breeders however, unless they know what theyre doing and have great "show quality" animals... i would never buy them.... ever ever ever.

For cats... i wouldn't ever but from a breeder (again) if it wasn't "show bred.". I dont think i would ever buy a "show kitty" *whistles*. I rescue my cats from the streets... net even rescues...

DOG - now this is where i change my opinion. Show Quality is good, rescues even bretter... but a REALLY NICE home-bredd accident pup is the best. Im all for spay/nueter... but I have had 1 accident litter... 3 years ago. Wiener Dog/Yorkie.. those were the best pups. I bred my yorkie one last time (she and the sire's of both litters had show parents..), we spayed her after due to birthing complications.

Other animals such as livestock.... I just started breeding goats... and have my first Herdsire who is going to be worth $$$$$ big money. I really dont think quality of the doe matters unless you look to show. Half his kids are going to market while the other half is breedingstock/show animals. Soo... I love them and will buy the best i can afford and i think that should be with all animals.....

morganshow11 07-27-2009 09:45 PM

^^^the bad thing is with geting animals off the street is you dont know if they belong to someone or if the critter/aniamls has a sickness/ dizeis(sp?)

1dog3cats17rodents 07-28-2009 12:54 AM

That's what vets are for *wink* any new animal should get checked out by a vet, off the street or not (and it's disease :-))

ilovemyPhillip 07-28-2009 02:46 PM

Moms a nurse, neighbors a vet tech, we have a vet thats within walking distance... its all good ;)

morganshow11 07-28-2009 02:56 PM

Ok, makes better sence^^^

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