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dreamrideredc 07-27-2009 06:29 PM

i switched barns! need advice!
well yesterday i moved my horse to a new barn and i love it! its beautiful big and all around great! the only thing is my horse seems pretty stressed out, i know he is just getting used to it and it will pass but i feel bad for him :-( is there anything i can do? tomorrow he will be moved to a new pasture with a buddy (right now he is in a pen alone b/c the pasture he is moving into has other horses in it) im sure he will feel better once he gets a buddy but the poor thing was pacing the fence calling for buddies and no one responded! poor guy. . . i hope to ride him on some trails tomorrow but i have to ask the daughter to show me around and im kinda shy with those things. . . i also dont know where anything is so i still have a lot of exploring to do. encouraging words would be great and advice on making my boy feel at home would be great! thx in advance! =]

JadedEyes 07-28-2009 12:40 PM

You could go on a walk around the area with your horse. You can explore together. When he gets moved into his new pasture. Walk the perimeter with him. Let him know that it's ok. Just spend time with him. You are the leader, you need to give him that comfort. Good luck.

Jillyann 07-28-2009 12:47 PM

I agree with everything JadedEyes said. Just hand walk him around for a few days, let him get to know the area, and i am sure that will help a little at least.

SpiritJordanRivers 07-28-2009 12:47 PM

Since you are the leader, being there with him often will help him a lot. Walk the perimeter of the pasture with him. Introduce him slowly to other horses. Take a walk through the place with him. Since he seems pretty stressed, take it really easy. If you really wanna go on a trail ride, make it fairly slow an relaxing for him.

dreamrideredc 07-28-2009 05:29 PM

well today was the second day i went to see him...he still didnt get moved to his new pasture b/c some other horses have to get moved. i got to the barn and went to his pen and he trotted up to me and gobbled down the carrots faster than i could put his halter on. i rode him around the property. he was so over thrilled and curious! the little booger was pushin me around...although i got frustrated i kinda scolded him and decided to just let him get his excitement out. everytime he sees a horse he whinnies and paces...hes lonely and thats the problem. i also let him sniff noses with every horse we could find and tomorrow i hope to go on a trail ride. i really hope he will get moved to his new pasture with a new buddy soon!

dreamrideredc 07-29-2009 05:10 PM

today was the last day i could go to the barn b4 our 10 day vacation. he got moved to his new pasture but he isnt with the 3 yr old yet. im thinking that they are slowly introducing them maybe? (there is a young looking mare in a pen next to his pasture and im thinkin shes the one - she is quite the cutie =] ) anyways - we went on a quick little ride around a small portion of the trails and it was a good time! cows crowded to the fence and my horsey was quite thrilled with himself LOL! its hard to get a hold of our barn managers so we havent been able to talk with first i wanted a little tour of the trails b4 i even got on but i decided since i couldnt get a hold of anyone i would go on them by myself. i would still like to be shown where i can and cant ride... anyways now im just babbling! lol! the only problem is that my horse isnt completely listening to me. he starts calling out to other horses and ignores me...then i try to get him to cross something and i end up pulling a lot. i think this will just settle down once he gets moved in with a buddy but next time im gunna hop on and immediately make him do circles, back up etc etc. im kinda using this thread as a "dear diary" type thing lol...just to get my thoughts out. comments are greatly appreciated! thx! =]

***by the way he seemed a little more relaxed today so thats good =]

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