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Diegosmom 07-27-2009 08:52 PM

I didnt know how bad it was till today
Diego my 5 year paint that I have had for 3 weeks has some issues.

I he a spooky horse and i have been working with him ..When i am riding him I have never had any issues with the spookyness.I have been on him about 8 times or so since I got him.

But on the ground when working with him he is a nervus wreak..The least little thing can set him off and he will blow up..Today I had the farrier out and he blew up three times one time almost trampleing the farrier(He got a huge tip)Now mind you when I first got him I couldnt even touch his head and now I can do just about anything but someone in the barn grabbed her coat off the ground about 20 feet from him and he freaked..the farrier picked up his brush and he freaked..the other day a butterfly spooked him while eating..I was digging in my purse next to him last night and now I have a rope burn on my arm where he ripped the lead rope from my arm and took off in the pastuer.

I have no round pin so i am limited on the deseinsitizing tricks that i have seen some people write about.Do i need to be doing anything here or will he get better now that someone is messing with him everyday ?Do i need to hire a trainer?

EveningShadows 07-27-2009 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by Diegosmom (Post 362432)
I have no round pin so i am limited on the deseinsitizing tricks that i have seen some people write about.Do i need to be doing anything here or will he get better now that someone is messing with him everyday ?Do i need to hire a trainer?

You do need to do something as I've never known a horse to desensatize itself...but what is up to you.

You don't NEED a round pen to desensatize, it's just a preferance. Do you have a small corral to work in? Even a big corral would do...but first he needs to know how to give to pressure, so that when he spooks and hits the end of the line you're holding, he'll step forward to relieve the pressure instead of bolting with you.

As for getting a trainer, if you can't do it yourself then yeah, time to call someone in to help. Do you know who had him before you? Is this a new habit of his, spooking at everything? It sounds as if it's mostly to objects you pick up...doesn't seem to matter what it is, just that now YOU'RE holding it! Maybe someone with a little more experience could help you out where you're keeping him? Not to say you don't have experience, but a second set of eyes and hands are always helpful!

Diegosmom 07-27-2009 09:36 PM

The lady I got him from who had him for a year said she has done alot with him and that he has came along way in a year..i am currently boarding him at her place and she is out there with me everyday to help me with his quirks but even she has said he has changed alot since i got him.the people she got him from had no history on him and made it sound like he was more or less a rescue..We think he has been beat in the head by a man from what i can tell because he did not like that farrier from the moment he walked in the barn.

I have gaind alot of trust with him..i am able to walk out in the pastue right to him and grab him and bring him in..Before it took tree people spooking him in the barn and closing the doors.This is how they did it for a year up until a few weeks ago when i got him.

I am fine I can wave things infront of him i can do what ever with no problems except the purse thing and even then i had someone right there holding my purse so i really cant tell if it was what i was doing or the fact that someone was standing there.

Liberty Valance 07-28-2009 01:06 AM

The rescue theory is a real possibility, but that doesn't mean he can't be helped since he's so young. If that's the case, and he's only 5...he's been through a lot and he has no idea even which end is up. He's had virtually no stability so far (3 owners in 5 years) and in one situation he was possibly being hurt regularly.

He sounds like he needs to go back to the VERY beginning, just as if he were a baby right in out of the field...especially given the possibility of his circumstances. He doesn't have anyone he can trust. He learned to trust that lady, but now she's not his Alpha anymore. He needs lots of working with just a lead rope and walking around outside the pasture with you. Learning to come when he's called, work on yielding to hand pressure, etc. If he's a wreck on the line, he won't learn anything. You have to do a lot of bonding activities with a horse like that, and make sure that you always exert confidence so he feels safe and protected and he can trust you.

Diegosmom 07-28-2009 06:11 AM

Ok do you recomend any methods. Videos books ext I should be buying here. I have always had ready made horses this is my first wiith problems

iridehorses 07-28-2009 10:10 AM

How much experience have you had in working with problem horses - or horses at all? It can take a long long time to get your horse to where he will be accepting of noises and movements, so if this is a first experience for you then I would suggest a trainer to help you along as well as your horse.

A horse like this can be dangerous - not because he is trying to hurt someone but because his flight instincts are honed and he can hurt someone just trying to save himself. A horse this fearful needs someone who understands equine behavior and how to work with it. This is not a first horse.

My 2

Diegosmom 07-28-2009 12:57 PM

This is the first horse ive had in a long time..I grew up in show barns and have had horse all my life up untile I was an adult.Then I just rode lease horses or rent horses trail rides that kind of thing..I have been around horses my whole life but this is the first time I have had a problem horse.I am looking into a trainer for him..I dont know anything about training as I said before I have always had ready made horses so to speak.

iridehorses 07-28-2009 01:26 PM

Diegosmom, that is a lot to handle for a green owner (I realize you've ridden before but, as you said, only made horses). The advise I would have given you was to look for a different first horse to own ... but you are committed at this point.

All the advise you will get here can be helpful but having a trainer with you at first (and along the way from time to time) is really what you need. Someone who can assess the horse and give you a track to run on. I've seen horses like this become bold, safe horses to be around and to ride. I've trained a few myself over the years. Doing the wrong thing at this point can set his training back to square one. I suggest keeping up what you are doing but get someone in to teach you.

Good luck with Diego!

Diegosmom 07-28-2009 01:56 PM

Ok I will find a trainer asap. Thanks for your help. I do reilize I should have gottin a better horse but I really don't want to sell him like you said I am commited. I will keep yall updated on his progress. Anyone know of a good trainer on Dallas

iridehorses 07-28-2009 02:07 PM

A friend of mine is a cutting horse trainer in Stephenville. I'll ask him for you.

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