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aruraeclipse 07-28-2009 02:42 PM

What is Everyones Favorite???
I don't know if anyone did this yet or not, but it might require a think back in the memory tank, but I was wondering what is everyone's favorite western experience, or horse experience in General?

Mine was when I was 13 years old at a small county horse fair, there was a wheel borrow race, with my passed mare Kittyhawk, and there was a rigged show with this wealthy girl named holly, where she was winning everything whether she got it or not, and it come time for her to compete with her purebred Arabian, and myself to compete with my half arab half quarter, and they said go, and kittyhawk felt that I really wanted to win, the arab was ahead and I gave kitty all the reins, and I said out loud "lets go kitty!!!" and Kitty just opened up and took right off ahead, looking back at the other horse, making sure she was ahead, and the guy that took me back in the wheel borrow was super fast and we won, she got a wonderful apple for winning, and I was really happy with the connection we shared.

Qtswede 07-28-2009 10:33 PM

nice one. Mine was probably a few years back, my sisters and I were playing around with the old fashioned 'pick up' race as a demo for some 4-H'ers that were complaining about how hard the keyhole race is. Lol.... some of the more 'seasoned' riders will remember this - It's run like a keyhole race, only - here's the fun part ... you have a 'partner' standing in the middle of the key hole - you thunder down, and drop your arm, they grab it, and you yank 'em up as they jump up - they get on any way they can and hold on like hell, because as soon as the turn is excecuted, you thunder right back to the finish line. Got to be my favorite event. They quit doing it years and years ago, and I'm reasonably sure me & my sisters are the only ones in the area that know how, or even attempt to do it anymore. You can imagine how many ways it can go wrong - dont get up, go sliding off the other side, or the back of the horse, belly over, or even drag the rider off. It was fun, and they never complained again about how hard it was to maneuver the key hole lol. I'm thinking of making it a yearly exhibition.

mom2pride 07-29-2009 12:04 AM

Mine was with one of my past horses, a QH that I had raised, so we had a really tight bond. Well we were competing in a gunny sack race, in which all competitors line up at one end of the arena, race down on their horses when the whistle blows, jump down, get in a sack and with horse in tow, hop back down across the line; Casey and I made it down with the first few horses, got in our sack and off we were, well half way down the arena I lost his reins, but I was also losing my sack, and because there were two others catching up, I just kept kissing to my horse, rather than grabbing his reins back up, and he stayed right with me, and we crossed the line first!

aruraeclipse 07-30-2009 08:04 AM

Wow, those are both really great stories, thank you so much for sharing, I really appreciate it! That Keyhole race sounds pretty intense, the one with a partner, and mom2pride, that was a great story with your horse as well with the connection and bond.

Angel_Leaguer 08-01-2009 11:26 AM

I started riding/showing Chloe when I was in 7th grade. That year was horrible for us- so over then following summer I rode and rode and rode. We started doing well at open shows and then when the county 4-H show came around I was able to win reserve champion overall high point.

I was really excited since that meant I had also earned a 4-H state horse show trip. There was an older girl who was alternate that year that really wanted to show at the state show and kept trying to talk me out of going since I was just soo much younger then her and would have many more years to have a chance to go (this girl had gone a few times before so it wasnt like she had never won a trip)... anyways during the county fair I had my gaming horse at the time and Chloe out at the arena when this girl showed up.

She asked if she could ride Chloe and I let her since I was riding my other mare. After about a half hour the girl got off from Chloe and handed me the reins and said "I dont know how you make it look soo easy, she isnt easy to sit (my girl can be a little rough)"
She went on to tell me that I deserved the trip and wished me luck....

Everyone thinks that Chloe is a push button horse but she isnt... ya anyone can ride her but she is really tough to keep in frame to show. Chloe and i went on to win high point at our county my 9-12 grade years in 4-H... I have soo many memories with her that I could write a book :)

tempest 08-01-2009 11:33 AM

When I went into a western pleasure class on a horse that is totally english, and came out with a first place ribbon. The announcer said, "That was quite a look of surprise on your face." I'd never won a blue ribbon before and had given up on the hope of ever getting one.

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