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princessnaynay01 07-28-2009 03:00 PM

Starting again! good or bad idea!
My horse has a lot of issues learned over time. He is 13 now and his last owners let him geet away with bucking, leaning on the bit. he was taught to be strong, he is very stiff. will not work in an outline. has confidence issues, is scared of a lot especially other people, he is very sensitive. There are many other little problems but the long and short of it is I don't trust him and have lost my confidence a bit. I am thinking of starting from scratch with only ground work and introducing the bit all over again! Has anyone evr done this with theirs or have any views? I think he would be happier f he got rid of all these little problems and so would I be! but would doing it this way do more harm than goo? help please

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