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Karen Horse 09-10-2007 04:18 PM

Help me on Showmanship!!!! Please
Which foot is a wester showmanship horse supposed to pivot on? i thought is was the right. Which one is it? how do i get my horse to put his weight on his right hind leg when i ask him to pivot or get him to put his weight on his left leg to pivot? Please help me!!!!! [/b]

RedneckCutie 09-17-2007 11:17 PM

The way I taught my mare to pivot on her right leg was I first taught her to cross over on her front legs. You want the horse to step over with the left leg infront of the right each time. Then teach the horse to sit back on their hind quarters. I normally use a rock with a point or the handle of a hoof pick to move them over. Once you can get the horse to crossover in the front and sit back in the rear. teach them to step out of the pivot with their left leg...this is difficult to explain but you want to get the horse to pivot and right before the horse would move his right hind leg ask him to move his left leg instead. this is alot easier to do if you can get the horse to set up without having to manually set them. Reply back if you have anymore questions I love showmanship!!

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