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TheAQHAGirl 12-14-2013 01:16 AM

Driving Complications
So this is certainly interesting...

I almost always hang out with my friend, Brooke. I usually hang out at her house and so on so forth...however there is as slight problem. She lives in the country, and that means dirt roads...Not only that, but she lives on a hill. The driveway slopes up, and as it slopes up it curves to the left. And to the right of the driveway is--oh yeah! A sheer drop-off, a good 30-40 feet down.

During the summer, her driveway if totally fine. Winter, obviously, is another story. For the most part, as long as you give the car some gas you will be fine.

I haven't had much problem with her driveway in the winter. However I had a incident, a good 2 weeks ago, where I got stuck. I was driving my dad's Audi (front wheel drive only) and went up her drive way. I was doing very well until I came to the curve, suddenly the car stalled and started to go backwards. I don't want to post the vulgar words that came out of my mouth during this, but I was able to get the front tire lodged in a small ditch between the driveway and the hill, that runs up with her driveway...I got out of huge car, it wasn't going anywhere, and got my friend's mom to back the car down the driveway. She brought it back up and this time gave it more momentum, she didn't have a problem.

After that I hadn't had a issue with the driveway, I learned when/how to give the car the momentum it needed to get up the driveway...Until today.

I went to my friends house (this time with my mom's car, which is a 4x4) and I had no doubt that the car would have a problem with the driveway, because I've driven up it before with the same car in the same conditions. Well as I went up the driveway, at the curve my other friend's car was stuck and Brooke was trying to get her out of the small ditch. So I put the brake on and just sat there. My friend who was stuck in the ditch, Stacy, came and talked to me for awhile. I wanted to go and help so I put the car in park, and the SECOND I let-up on the brake the car started to slide. Again, the vulgar words just flew out of my mouth and I was lucky enough to put the car in drive and get one of the tires stuck in the ditch to catch my fall. So now, two cars were stuck on her driveway. LOL.

So Brooke was able to pull Stacy out of the ditch and up her driveway with her car. Unfortunately Brooke couldn't pull me out because 1. I was too far down and 2. I was in the worst part of the driveway.

So Brooke called my other friend, Seth, to come help. He came and we had a game plan to chain the car to a tree and hoist it up the driveway. That failed, the tow strap broke barley into it. So then, Seth jumped in the car and bravely drove it up the driveway. I wanted to drive it up, but I was too scared that I would get the tire out of the ditch I had it in and the car would slide back.

I think I'm just being too worried though...we recently had our "family/kid's" car in the auto shop after a friend backed into it. We got it back Wednesday night. We didn't have to the car for 24 hours when my brother from college came home, took the other family/kid's car, and crashed it. The front end and rear end of the SUV was messed up, apparently a car cut my brother off and he slammed on the breaks. Since the SUV is a rear-wheel, he lost control and slammed the rear end of the car into the guard rail and then it swerved in a circle and the front end hit the guard rail. The guy who cut him off didn't even stop to see if he was okay, luckily he was. Then on Tuesday my dad's car broke down, something to do with the diesel in the car...So I don't think telling my parents that one of their cars is at the bottom of a hill destroyed because their daughter lost control of it going up her friend's driveway.

Don't get me wrong, my parents would be much more worried about me than the car. Just the added stress won't be so nice for the moment...So I'm trying I to get a job to help pay some of the bills, or future bills (you never know), and just helping out in general so driving isn't so stressful.

My mom and I have been laughing about it, joking that the only reason why the car repair shop is still running and not shut down is because we keep sending them cars.

Oh I pretty much just posted my life story on cars...kudos if you read all of that!

So what are some interesting car complications you have had?

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