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cjhixon 12-15-2013 11:27 PM

Repairing barn walls, aluminum channel
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum with a question about repairing barns. I have an old 8 12x12 stall barn. Walls are plywood. Some are metal skinned on the inside and others have been replaced with plain plywood.

I don't have horses but, I let my neighbor keep two horses in the barn. It is the perfect arrangement, I get to enjoy looking at them and she gets free boarding.

One of the horses kicked out a wall panel during the night. We moved him to another stall and I need to repair the damage.
  1. Where can I buy new wall panels? I'd like to use the metal clad panels rather than just plywood.
  2. Is there an online place to order the aluminum channels? I haven't been able to source locally.

Here is the channel piece I'm trying to find I need the small one that gets pressed into the main channel.

stevenson 12-16-2013 01:58 AM

Is there a brand name on the barn ? if so I would contact them.

SouthernTrails 12-16-2013 06:27 AM


Having been in an industry that uses many types of Aluminum and other metals, I have never seen that exact shape, it must have been custom fabricated by the Barn Manufacturer.

You can look up metal fabricators in your area of the country and see if they can duplicate that piece.


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