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handytsabre 08-01-2009 03:18 PM

I am consitering getting a miniature horse...i was wondering what you guys feed them...there are some people that say they just graze on grass, but im not so sure. i want to majke sure if i get one she is getting the right amount of food...please tell me your opinion on mini horses feedings... thx!!

kim_angel 08-02-2009 11:29 AM

Mini's are just small horses in my opinion they should be treated the same. :-)

handytsabre 08-02-2009 11:56 AM

any1 else feed minis if so wat??

CheyAut 08-03-2009 02:02 PM

Minis are horses. Period. I really don't understand why people have such a problem understanding that ;)

Same rules apply. Feed to their weight. The average mini weighs roughly 200 pounds.

Mine get bermuda hay, alfalfa pellets, and beet pulp. Some also get Equine Jr. All fed to weight and individual requirements. Personally I soak my pellets so they don't choke on them and because some (like my 25 y/o guy) can't chew so well.

We have no grass here in Az. But I know of many mini owners in other states who DO, and have to really limit their mini's time on it as they get too fat and are at risk of foundering.

kim_angel 08-04-2009 05:52 AM

My co-worker has 3 mini's and one of them has to be kept in a dry lot. She founders if she gets more than one hour a day on grass.

She feeds hay and a low starch feed based on their weight.

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