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AussieDaisyGirl 08-01-2009 08:51 PM

Had a new farrier come out today...
Had a new farrier come out today and I have to say I'm all kinds of wishing I'd had him for the last five years and devestated I'm moving to Indiana and taking the horses away from him :cry:

Carolina's feet were all cracked and growing out abcesses when I got her, plus bad thrush. The farrrier checked her feet, then her legs, then had her walk and trot away from him and toward him. Her feet were neglected for two years, and have only been trimmed twice since I had her. I wasn't really happy with the farrier that had been out here to see her previously.

But he was patient with her, gave me a solid plan to fix her feet. Said they're overall very healthy just too flat (the frog is flush with the sold abd bars). And he also knows a very good farrier where we're moving too and he's going to set me up with him, complete with faxing him a copy of the plan for her feet.

He also noted that she's out in the shoulder, back and hip. Told me about a vet in Kentucky that can help her, not only with that but with the bleeding from her nose. He doesn't think she has the gutteral pouch mycosis like my vet thought (without scoping). I've heard great things about this vet, and am going to call him on Monday morning to get Carolina in to see him.

The farrier though, spent an hour here teaching me about Carolina's feet, also working with her manners and telling me about resources to help her.

I'm thoroughly happy! He'll be coming back in two weeks to put pads and shoes on her.

themacpack 08-01-2009 08:54 PM

Man, it stinks when you find the right person at the wrong time like that.
Where in Indiana are you moving to?

AussieDaisyGirl 08-01-2009 10:39 PM

Camp Atterbury, or somewhere around there. It's about 45 minutes south of Indianapolis. Still trying to find a place to move too though. Gotta love the army lol.

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