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BluMagic 08-02-2009 11:50 PM

Blu's Mental/Emotional Health - Blu's New Friend
Nubian Buckling!!!

I'll post pics soon.

I've been looking around for a companion for Blu. Minis, Donkeys, Hinnies. Then it dawned on me. GOATS! I was looking in the newspapers and found a few ads. All the goats were more than I could afford. i found one add from almost a month ago. I called the number anyway and found out the lady had one baby left! Cheap too. All the other goats I looked at were in the $100s. This little guy was $25. Good breeding. His dad is BIG. Mom's average. But he's a cutie at 3 months old. He's been dehorned but its my decision to castrate him or not.

I'm so happy!!

Should he be named:

JD - just because its cute

JB - for J's Brother(JJ is my brother) :lol:

Chico - kid

Chiquito - little kid

LeahKathleen 08-03-2009 12:41 AM

Ha ha. I think JB. :P

riccil0ve 08-03-2009 01:18 AM

I like Chiquito. =]

I thought about getting a goat for my mare, before I got my filly, but I simply don't have the fencing to contain one. Then I decided I wanted a donkey, so that's next on my to-buy-when-I'm-rich list. =]

BluMagic 08-03-2009 05:14 PM

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I think this little buckling is officially: JB

Vidaloco 08-03-2009 05:35 PM

I have a friend who raises goats and just bought a Nubian buck or stallion or whatever you call a breeding male goat :lol: He's huge! I was amazed how much bigger they are than the females. I love goats, if I had the right fence I would have one too. I always heard if a fence won't hold water, it won't hold a goat :lol:
Are you going to get him castrated or tied or whatever they do to goats? I heard they can be mean if you don't

BluMagic 08-03-2009 08:30 PM

He won't be nasty or anything unless he's around Does. I don't plan on it but if it comes to that point sure we can.

JB's not too bad. He can just squeeze through tiny places!!

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