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kimlucky13 09-11-2007 08:45 PM

Very muddy mini
I have a 3 month old miniature filly, she recently had a bout of colic and she is now caked with mud that will not brush off. I am a new horse owner so I am not sure if there is any way of cleaning this mud off short of bathing her, the days are cooling off and I'm not sure if it is too cold to take the garden hose to her. How cold is too cold to bath a horse. Can someone help me??? :D Kim

moonflame994 09-11-2007 08:52 PM

Re: Very muddy mini
ok if its above 70 degrees ferinhight spray`er down!!!!!!

Delregans Way 09-12-2007 12:37 AM

Yep i agree give the little cuty a warm bath!! Then use a curry comb while he is wet. :wink: I love mini's they are so cute!! :lol:

Tanner&Flashy 09-14-2007 04:21 PM

My horses LOVE to roll in the mud. I've found that if you use a shedding blade or a curry comb, that will get the thick, hard stuff the best. Then use a stiff brush, then a soft brush. You can bathe her if you want to, but I don't bathe mine too often, only because they'll just go roll in the mud as soon as I'm done anyway! They live to roll in dirt/mud. :lol:

3days3ways 09-14-2007 11:02 PM

hey, if you get a cooler to throw on afterwars and rub her down with a towle it shouldnt matter too much, just make sure she stays warm and comfortable : D

kimlucky13 09-15-2007 07:48 PM

muddy mini
Thanks for everone's help! I'm a new horse & mini owner so I'm learning trial by error and asking questions and boy do I run across a bunch of questions that I don't know the answers to. We ;have a 2 y/o TWH that my husband and I bought for my niece and her younger sisters wanted mini's so of course, Aunt Kimmie ran out and bought them for them, so now I feed, take care of, pay for feed, vet, and ferrier and the girls just play with the horses and giggle :D At 8, 7 and 5 years old that is their jobs and I'm glad to give them something they otherwise couldn't have. To me all of the questions that I have and the money it's costing me is worth the smile on the girls' faces.

yougogirl 09-21-2007 12:37 PM

You say he is 3 months old, so he is about 24-26 inches tall. Are you fond of your tub? Get 2 rubber bath mats so he has something to stand on and not slide around. and give him a nice warm bath. Or you could even take a shower with him. Granted if he is calm. Use a good cury comb. If you have a heated area you could even shave him. Then put a blanket on him. and a heated stall. His coat should grow back pretty fast. Just a few idias. Good luck.

yougogirl 09-21-2007 12:39 PM

sorry, "SHE"

kimlucky13 09-21-2007 01:55 PM

muddy mini
i just finally got her clean. I actually thought of the tub idea, since this little girl thinks she is a dog (curling up in your lap) but I am keeping them at my mom's house and she is pretty fond of her tub. I ended up brushing her 2 to 3 times a day until it slowly, very slowly started loosening up, then I took the curry comb to her. Of course, she just stood there and loved all of the added attention.
Thanks everyone for your help.

yougogirl 09-21-2007 02:25 PM

I'm glad you got her clean. Your minis are very cute. Love the colors.

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