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Peartree 09-11-2007 11:34 PM

The guide yo your horses mind..
Trail monsters, ahh!
Big and scary flower, ahhhhhh!

The feed shed was talking to me! Yet so tempting..
Plastic bag = Big evil monster
tractor: the sausage maker, ahh!
Mice: He tried to hurt me!

That rug had a spider on it.

When you do up my girth you are making my evil spirit friend come.

When you don't give me carrots I am going to do the opposite of what you just said.

I will stamp impatiently no matter how many times you will yell.

I will play up when friend are watching.

Yes, urinating in front of your grandparents is completely necessary.

And finally, yes when we do get to the show I will roll in the mud and embarrass you until I get what I want, a nice big rest. And take those stupid little bows out of my hair will you!

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