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bsms 12-21-2013 10:49 AM

Can you tell me anything about my Arabian mare's breeding?
I'm just curious. I've owned her for 5+ years and she is what she is, and I am what I am...but I know nothing about Arabian lines or breeding, and I'm curious. Can anyone tell me what her breeding is, or recognize any names?

If the image is too small, just click on it for the full sized picture.

I did notice her sire was 33 years old at her birth...:shock:

deserthorsewoman 12-21-2013 11:22 AM

I put her on allbreed to see father down the lines what you have there :-)Zarra Mia Arabian
Sire side all Crabbet/CMK, dam has quite a few racing lines, polish and Russian, and again Crabbet in the bottom.
Nice proven old lines !
Somebody who has access to database can probably look up her sire's show record. Should be quite impressive.

n2sporthorses 12-21-2013 11:40 AM

Your horse has some pretty prestigious names on her papers. Although I'm not familiar with her sire Gazaar++, he must surely be (have been) quite a horse. In the Arabian show world, if enrolled in the program, they get +'s and /'s according to how well they place in a class. The highest it goes is ++++//. And for the rest of the horse's life, they're put after the horse's name, kind of like MS or PhD. Gazaar++ had to have been good to have two +'s.

On to some other names--Patron was superlative in his own right in Sweden, if I remember correctly. He sired *Padron, who was a legend here in the US. In fact, the book Arabian Legends devotes a chapter to him.

Indraff, Aswan, Ferneyn, and Ferzon all were fabulous horses who had quite an impact on the breed.

So your mare is very well bred, although these horses are not super close up on her papers.

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