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Goosen 08-04-2009 05:45 PM

Head Shy...
Allegra's always had this thing about her head. You CANNOT hose it off, which is alright because she's fine if I just use a sponge. But she's starting to get really nervous even when I brush the mane that's up around her ears or try to fly spray her neck. I'd think it was because of the fact that she bumped her head on the trail on our show day and it was bleeding for most of the day but she's totally fine with a bridle. I'm confused. You can pet her head but you can't get near it with anything. She also hates the clippers (no bridle path for her!) and is /not/ afraid to rear. At all. I'm not exactly sure when my trainer got her, but apparently she's always been kind of like this. Now that she "has a job" with me (everyone seems thrilled with that, considering that she hates most people) and we get along great, I want to work on slowly getting her used to all of it.

Any ideas? I'm not sure but I guess just using cookies and holding the brush around her head would work, at least for a bit...

minniesgirl713 08-19-2009 07:48 PM

My horse was incredibly head shy but she showed up at our barn like that....But for your horse i suggest that you just work with your hands first and just get her used to you touching all her sensitve areas(i.e. her ears) then you can slowly work with the brush. But start farther down her neck and actually work your way up to her spots she doesnt like. As for the hosing, if you have one of the sprayers that can change how the water comes out, then put it on the mist setting. then aim for way above her head and just let it fall down on her. If shes ok with that then slowly aim it lower till its goin between her ears and on her forehead. if she starts to toss her head just pull it away for alittle but keep it so it is still falling on her. keep doin that until she gets used to it. then later on in life when she is ok with that you can try it with the shower setting. just introduce it the same way. I hope this helps, and if i missed answering something just ask!!!

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