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Icrazyaboutu 08-06-2009 11:23 AM

Megan and Dozer Journal!<3
Please keep in mind Dozer was sold to me by people who rode him once every three months and when they rode they sat on his back and either held him back or pushed him forward. I took him in and this journal will be about improvements we are making everyday. He now walks up and down hills, no matter the size, unlike he use to. He has respect for me and doesn't walk over me like his old owners, and his hips are round instead of pointy like they were when I bought him.

I know I am just starting but I need to start three days ago. So...

August 3rd 2009- Today me and Dozer rode without a bareback pad or saddle. He didn't like it at the beginning but he will get better. Fastest we went was a trot but it was good for his first time.

August 4th 2009- Today Bart is showing signs of foundering. Poor little guy. He went out to hang with Dozer in the arena anyways but he wasn't moving around. The farrier is coming out tomorrow.

August 5th 2009- Today cousin Kate came over so I had to go pick her up from the airport. When we got back Dozer was put in the arena alone. Bart really wanted out but according to the farrier he has a pulled tendon. Not founder. We have to keep an eye on him for colic. Today I did ride Dozer. We rode in a halter and bareback pad for the first time. He was very responsive and it is good because that means his bending has improved.

August 6th 2009- Today we are going to the Oragne county fair. No riding for me...

Icrazyaboutu 08-07-2009 03:46 PM

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August 7th 2009- Yesterday at the O.C. fair I got a shirt and I LOVE it!! I'll post a pic. Poor Dozer was cooped up in his stall all day so he should be fun to ride tonight. Bart is slowly healing, he has to be in his stall all week according to the farrier. I have a riding lesson at six thirty so that should help him get back to normal. My evil neighbor and I are going to trade horse stuff. We have acquired a lot over the years. Hah all my extra stuff is for normal sized horses and I only have a HUGE one and a TINNIE one. Luckily she has horses that are average. She says she will probably have small things no big things but its still interesting to see what she has. Thats all I have to say... Here is the pics of the shirt.

CowGirlUp9448 08-07-2009 04:18 PM

Poor Bart :( Hope is heals and is able to be with Dozer soon :)

Love the shirt. Hehe

Icrazyaboutu 08-07-2009 11:58 PM

August 7th 2009 continued- Today I saw no point in my lesson and I think Dozer didn't see a point either.We were walking and trotting like we were going to show in halter which we will never do because I like to barrel race and trail, not show. When I say that Dozer saw no point I mean, when my trainer was pivoting him he got mad and struck out at her. That pissed her off but she pisses me off so we got even. =)

Icrazyaboutu 08-09-2009 11:56 AM

August 8th 2009- No riding for me. I went over to the arena with a friend she brought her horse and she wanted me to help her with it. It was very interesting... after being there about an hour her dad brought one of the neighbors trailer over to take him home. Well after fighting for about half an hour the dad walked him in a half circle and the horse pulled away. He got loose and ran onto a busy street heading home. (just to let you know this horse gets walked down to the arena often so he knows his way home.) The dad, my friend, and me all took off running after him. The dad jumped in a car with someone about a quater of a mile after running. My friend and I stopped running. Why would we? He is in a car he'll get there faster. The dad finally caught him one street away from their house. He walked him home and that was the end... It was so crazy though!

Icrazyaboutu 08-11-2009 10:46 AM

August 9th 2009- Did nothing horse related today. Instead I went ice blocking! It was so much fun! Tomorrow my 2nd cousin leaves at nine. I have an eye appointment then I'll finally have some time with my horses! Yay!

August 10th 2009- Like I said, Kate left at nine, I had my eye appointment, and the rest of my day was with horses pretty much. My friend cierra came over and I rode Dozer around and she was brushing bart. After a while of me riding Cierra got on and walk/trot/cantered. She got off and I got on and I jumped over barrels laying on their sides. It was so scary! He has been lunged over them but never ridden over them. I rubbed some icy hot on bart's leg and then we went down to my house. Around 6 we went back up and rode more. I made the mistake of asking cierra to get the saddle. She saw the english saddle and said we had to ride in that. I said whatever and we tacked him up. I kept telling her he had never been ridden English and she kept telling me to get on. Of course I have to go first. ITs always like that with her. I have to run her horse first, canter him bareback first, and more. Whatever I don't really care. So I got on walked around then she made me trot so I did. Then she got on and walked and troted. I made her put my half chaps and english riding boots on.

August 11th 2009- I don't know what I'm gonna do. If cierra comes we probably will ride english again, but like I said I don't know.

Icrazyaboutu 08-11-2009 11:30 PM

August 11th 2009- I didn't ride today but, Bart finally got to go back in the arena and me and my dad went trailer hunting! We found one we really liked. It was featherlite and they wanted 17k for it! We won't pay that much so we went to this one guy who makes them custom and they are all so cool! He also makes cool carriages and adds extra stuff to trailers so they aren't plain. If we buy one I will make sure to post pics. If you want to see a pic of the carriages or carts and stuff like that he has pics on his website. It's G&F Horse Trailers and Repair

Domino13011 08-12-2009 12:24 AM

Megan you should buy a coach!!! haha

Icrazyaboutu 08-12-2009 06:56 PM

I know right! I want one of the Cinderella ones but my dad said no. =(

Domino13011 08-12-2009 11:03 PM

aw :( i would ride in it!!

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