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3days3ways 09-12-2007 11:39 PM

Dressage-ish questionnn
hey guys,

k so basicaly i ride this tb gelding and he has awesome movements, but hte only problem is he's so long! he kinda has gangly legs, so im mainly working on putting him in a package, because once he remembers where all his legs are he goes great.

i usually work on the idea of slowing down, but keep the back legs moving, then going forward so he uses his hind end more and tracks up more. we also work with cavelettis and gymnastics with jumping/

we do eventing, so obviously this is really important for us. if anyone has any suggestions / exercises to help me, please tell!!


Delregans Way 09-12-2007 11:49 PM

How old is this horse? We have a Showjumper, he is all legs because he is 16.3hh they are very ovisious!! All we do to solve the problem, is just flatwork.

** An really good excercise is , lenghting and shorting strides, kinda what you are doing (shorting them). For example, (if you have a 60 by 20m arena) up the long side stretch him out, and the short side shortin the strides

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