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AussieDaisyGirl 08-06-2009 09:23 PM

I need your help with an emaciated horse
I took in a 16.2hh ISH mare that's 14 years old. She has a body score of - well - to be honest 1. She's the skinniest horse I've ever seen. Not an ounce of fat and I can see every single bone in her body.

I wish I was exaggerating.

I got her from a barn that took her hoping to help her and couldn't.

I had the vet out for a thorough inspection including blood and fecal inspections. Checked her teeth, pulse, temp. Everything. Aside from being dangerously thin she's healthy. Oh and she cribs. So she has a cribbing collar, it's one of those kinds with metal on it. I was wondering if anyone had any good reviews on the leather Miracle Collar from Weaver?

So I need a plan of attack. A good one. One that will help her and quickly.

I'll be adding pictures in a moment.

AussieDaisyGirl 08-06-2009 10:10 PM

AussieDaisyGirl 08-06-2009 10:12 PM

Oh and completely unimportant but she needs a new name. Her stable name is Tootsie and her registered name is Kilpatrick Star.

nldiaz66 08-06-2009 10:17 PM

well I dont know any thing about cribbing collars, but I have heard that once she has gained weight and they know they are getting feed on a regular basis that they will quit cribbing, so maybe with some luck, she will. Although she is under weight she isnt REAL bad, I have seen some REAL bad horse, like a bag of bones.Good luck with her I think she is in good hands, after all look what you have done with Carolina.

AussieDaisyGirl 08-06-2009 10:25 PM

Yeh the pics for some reason make her look better than she is. I guess maybe compared to Carolina she's awful. Maybe she's a 2?

I put Carolina on beet pulp, BOSS, alfalfa pellets, Dumor Equistages (though I'm wondering if the protein is too high in that since it's 14%) plus free choice good quality hay.

Would that be ok for this horse too?

nldiaz66 08-06-2009 10:40 PM

If it's a total of 14% protein in the feed I dont think its too high, but I'm sure others will have another opinion on it. What is the fat content? I have never tryed beet pulp, (wanting to but feed store was out of it).You can try it should see some of a improvement within a week or so.What feed is she on now?

I know pics never make them look like they do in person,lol.

AussieDaisyGirl 08-06-2009 10:48 PM

She came with a bag of Omolene (sp??) 400. Apparently she was on that and some hay.

nldiaz66 08-06-2009 11:26 PM

what is the fat content in that feed? You can always keep her on that and add beet pulp and alfafia pellets.

yankee doodle 08-07-2009 04:47 AM

Hi, here is a link for a diet to build up an emaciated horse:
I have tried it on a horse and it was fantastic.

jazzyrider 08-07-2009 05:02 AM

i suggest adding the beet pulp into her diet. i have a couple of horses that were in the same condition as you horse (one of them was in even worse condition) and the beet pulp has done them wonders. my tb mare who is so typically hard to keep weight on has gained weight and held it being on the beet pulp.

id also suggest a vitamin and mineral supplement so her body can get the most out of the feed you are giving her. make sure its a complete supplement though.

also as you would probably know, plenty of grass and free choice hay making a decent part of that lucerne or alfalfa hay

good luck

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