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Spastic_Dove 08-09-2009 01:14 PM

State Drill Team Comp. [Lots of Pictures]
So here are some pictures from last weekends state drill team competition in Dillon. Our team has only been together for about 3 months so we did pretty good against some of the more experienced teams. We got 3rd overall, 3rd in Impromptu Drill, 4th in Quadrille, and 3rd in Freestyle Drill. I was completely overheated and hating my life since we rode around 2pm, but otherwise it was fun! These are also the photos that sparked my diet! Horses count as exercise...right?

Breast Cancer memorial for Capi (recently passed drill member)

Vidaloco 08-09-2009 01:26 PM

Great shots! It does look hot though. You all look so nice in the white shirts and black hats. Then the red white and blue theme, very nice.
I think you look great. Everyone's thighs look bigger on a horse. My thunder thighs look like oversized county hams :lol:

Sunny06 08-09-2009 01:28 PM

I want to drill team very badly, but I can't find anybody to ride with me :(

Love that paint horse!

Spastic_Dove 08-09-2009 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by Vidaloco (Post 373275)
. My thunder thighs look like oversized county hams :lol:

Bahaha. As do mine. I suppose I will use the saddle as an excuse :P

It was extremely hot out. Thankfully, most drill takes place late at night at rodeos. By the end of the drill I wanted to quit lol. Thankfully, our freestyle was at 9 in the morning and made me realize it's fun when it's not a billion degrees out.

There's actually quite a few drill teams around here. It's a lot of fun.

Jake and Dai 08-09-2009 01:50 PM

Great pictures...that does look like so much fun! I sometimes wish I still boarded so I had people to ride with. :)

Spastic_Dove 08-09-2009 01:57 PM

I know what you mean. I get so bored riding alone :[

RoCru 08-09-2009 07:17 PM

Great photos! Looks like so much fun!

AussieDaisyGirl 08-09-2009 08:08 PM

Great photos!!

Nita 08-09-2009 09:23 PM


yay you are totally from my area! I think i've seen you ride! Did your drill team do the fair a couple of years ago?

I live by Lima! yay for montana peoplesssssss!

*sighs* That looks like SO much fun. =)

Spastic_Dove 08-09-2009 11:49 PM

I'm about 3 hours from you, Nita. That's the arena in Dillon. It's...oddly shaped and horrible for drill haha
I just joined the drill team a few months ago but you may have seen me around at barrel races if you were ever in this area.

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