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KiwiGal77 12-30-2013 12:07 PM

Working Holiday Options
Hi everyone. I am looking into doing a working holiday for 6 months April - September 2015 in either the US or Europe. I am especially interested in Hunter Jumper, Show Jumping and used to do Eventing too, also have interest in Natural Horsemanship/Parelli. A live-in type situation where the work I do pays for board and food would be ideal.

If anybody has any experience doing this type of thing or can think of people or stables who I may want to investigate and get in contact with any info you could pass on would be awesome.

Thanks :)
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boots 12-30-2013 01:38 PM

In April, the venue I'm familiar with (Palm Beach International Equestrian Center) is wrapping up their winter season and most barns are leaving, or have left, to begin their preparation for the summer season.

Every year I meet several people from New Zealand who come with polo horses and teams. You may even be able to start where you are and come with them. And it seems that grooms jump disciplines frequently, going from the jumping sports to polo or visa versa.

Although you do get to see the country (which ever one(s) you go to), there is a greater emphasis on work and not much holiday. Regardless of discipline, 6 to 7 days a week is the norm. Long days, too. You may already know that, but thought I'd put it out there.

I don't know about the jumping crowd, but will say that we in polo love barbeques. At least once a week, everywhere I've been, people and groups host large barbeques and everyone is invited. Players, grooms, and families and fans.

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