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anrz 08-11-2009 05:29 PM

Happy Rant About Today's Lesson :)
I rode Thumper today (sadly have no pictures) and have a happy rant! So he has gotten a lot more relaxed lately when I've been riding him. He's the kind of horse that you really have to build a strong relationship with before he will start to really work WITH you. First, before I start my happy rant, I have to say what he was wearing because he looked absolutely adorable. We put white polo wraps on his front legs and his mane was in pasture braids (we're trying to train it to lie on the correct side of his neck:-)). He looked so cute! So anyway, I warmed up on a long rein, just walking both directions. When I picked up the reins, he didn't bolt as usual, just walked on normally, and he actually started working into a headset and tracking up, and using his hind end more. I was so proud of him! Even my instructor noticed a difference. And when he was trotting, he stayed calm and collected. I focused on getting him in front of my legs but not letting him get away from me, and on impulsion- he had more energy in his trot but wasn't going any faster. It makes his trot so much easier to sit to when he doesn't tense up and hollow out his back! He only worked from his hind end for a couple strides at a time, but for him that is like winning the Olympics :D. Sorry I just had to share- I've been having more and more breakthroughs with him recently and am just so pleased!

MyBoyPuck 08-11-2009 08:03 PM

Ooh, lightbulb moments. I love those! Congrats on your great lesson.

Cally51 08-11-2009 08:45 PM

congats on your lesson today. It is wonderful when you see the progress no matter how small it seems. I'm working with my rescue right now in dressage. At the moment we are working on her canter, which she rushes into almost a gallop, takes a few strides for her to settle down into a canter. Hopefully one day we will get it together lol

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