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littlebritches5 12-30-2013 05:31 PM

Dog Looking for a HOME in TX!
Hey all! I had a stray show up at my house about a month ago and we still haven't found him a home. Usually this wouldn't have been a big deal, but my family is moving 10+ hours away to a place that he could easily escape from, so he HAS to find a home SOON. All the local shelters are full of sweet dogs needing homes and the only one willing to take a large dog was going to put him down at the end of the day if he didn't find a foster/adoptee. Pretty sad times for a "no-kill" shelter. Anyway, this dog (we have been calling him Lewin) is approximately 50lbs, black/white lab mix. He is about 15-20 months (as estimated by our vet) and has current shots (including rabies). He is not fixed, so he needs to go to an owner willing to fix him right away. He is super sweet and would make a great dog for anyone who would give him some well-deserved love (he was obviously starved and abused by whoever had him before us). He is nice to our horses (and not intimidated by them at all) and nice to our spayed female dog (who is smaller than he) so other animals aren't a problem. If you live in or know someone who lives in the Houston, TX area....PLEASE spread the word! THANKS!

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