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KANSAS_TWISTER 09-15-2007 05:32 PM

our old feed program was just not working out for start so we switched feed's, this might be a silly question but here is goes, i use empty 1 gal bleach bottles as scoops ( i was never good in math converting thing's) but has any one ever converted the equivalent 1 gal to see how many pounds you would get from it?, this new feed is 1 to 3 pound per 100 pound of horse x 2 day, so let's say abby is a 700 pound pony that's 7 pound of feed broken down in to 2 feedings at 3.5 pounds a feed....opps sorry talking to my self here but if any one uses the bleach scoop and know's how much is wieghs it will save me a trip to the evedence room to wieght thing out the

TxHorseMom 09-15-2007 10:57 PM

Sorry, but I see a trip to the scales in your future. The thing is, that every feed weighs differently. Depending on is it a sweet feed, (weighs more than pellets) to the size and consistancy of the feed. Each brand is different than the others. It might be only by a little, but it still different. The best bet is to weigh a scoop of your new feed to be sure you are feeding correctly.

Vidaloco 09-26-2007 07:20 PM

You should buy yourself a little postal scale I got one at walmart. Get a coffee can. Set the coffee can on the scale reset the scale to 0 (there should be a little knob to turn) then pour the weighed amount into the bleach bottle scoop (yes I use one too) make a mark on the scoop for 1 lb. I have a scale in the barn where I keep my feed just to check myself once in awhile.

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