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CowGirlUp9448 08-12-2009 09:37 AM

Rain is back home.. Got some pics hehe
These were all taken yesterday and of course it was Raining. She just came home Monday night and it has been raining since and I haven't been able to do much with her. Grr Darn rain. lol
In the field. I took this from my back porch.
And again :)
Had an itch hehe
Have no idea what this one turned out so dark.
In her fly mask.
Trying to get in the building.
My little brother is on the other side of her.
Standing all pretty :)
Following me.

Hope you like them.. Feel free to make Critique's (sp?)

CowGirlUp9448 08-12-2009 09:38 AM

Opps they turned out bigger then I thought they would..

Jillyann 08-12-2009 09:39 AM

She is SO pretty!! I love her name too!

CowGirlUp9448 08-12-2009 09:40 AM

Thank-You. :)

Vidaloco 08-12-2009 10:27 AM

Pretty, looks like she has a nice home too :D

Wow she has got a high wither! I'm so used to seeing our flat backed girls I forget what high withers look like

CowGirlUp9448 08-12-2009 11:20 AM

Haha. I think she has a nice horse life hehe. Yeah I think that is the ONLY thing I don't like about her... The high withers..

Dressage10135 08-12-2009 11:35 AM

She is adorable!

CowGirlUp9448 08-12-2009 11:38 AM

Thank-You. :)

RusticWildFire 08-12-2009 07:26 PM

She's very pretty! She looks like a happy girl.

RoCru 08-12-2009 09:09 PM

She is SO pretty!!! I hope to see lots more pics!!!!

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