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Jillyann 08-12-2009 10:55 AM

'One Of Those Days'
Have you ever had one of those days where NOTHING is going right, and your just so done with it, all of it? And then you go and see your horse, and everything is just... better? :lol: Thats how I was when I seen my mare on Monday. I had to crappiest weekend, and she just makes me feel so happy. I dont mean to sound cheesy or anything, but its really the truth. Does this ever happen to anyone else??? :D

smrobs 08-12-2009 11:48 AM

It does sound cheesy, but that doesn't make it any less true. I have had one of those lives where the only time things seem right is when I am with my horses. Denny helped me through a lot of tough times when I was in high school and my parents were getting divorced. Dobe has helped me build my confidence for roping so that I am not so terrified of failure.

So, no, you are not alone. :D

HorseSpirit 08-12-2009 12:10 PM

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Well,you certainly aren't alone,lol!We all have those bad days and nothing makes me feel better than when I see 8 faces staring at me each morning when I feed and hear their soft nickers of wheres' my food!LOL! Its' a great way to start each day

sandy2u1 08-12-2009 12:47 PM

I feel the exact same way with my horse. I also find that when I'm feeling tired and not so cheerful that saddling up my horse and riding makes me feel better....even if I only ride for 20 minutes or so. I actually feel like I have more energy when I'm done...although I may be mental :lol:

Jillyann 08-12-2009 03:48 PM

Awhh! I am glad I am not alone. :D My mare really does make me feel better. Even if she is having a bad 'mare day'. :?:lol:

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