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Horsern 12-31-2013 05:15 PM

Hello from Ohio! Looking for Patches!
Hi All,
I just registered today! I am trying to contact the gal who posted pics of a flaxen mane/tail chestnut sabino badger face horse back in May. I just tracked the pic to this forum but have to post 5 x before pm-ing! If anyone knows her or can can contact her that would be awesome!
The horses name is Patches and her user name is tiffrmoy ( or something very similar)
Thanks very much!
I am actually a vet tech and have started painting model horses so this is why i am looking for more pics of this cute horse! :)

MsLady 12-31-2013 05:47 PM

Sorry it doesn't sound familiar, the horse or username, but there are a lot of members on HF. Good Luck.
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