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Peartree 09-17-2007 02:47 AM

Whats a good breed of beginner pony that can hold older kids
Hi. My friend and I are getting a pony (well really I am) But anyway, we are also running little pony rides as such, but we are both a little older than 8 or 9. We are like 12-13 years old and weigh less than 60. We want a sort of tall pony, one small so littlies can ride it, but one tall enough and strong enough to hold us.

Any ideas? Thanks! :lol:

Peartree 09-17-2007 02:48 AM

Oh, and we are both beginners. My friend hasn't been riding much longer than me, except she doesn't take proper lessons. They only have 2 horses and they have to swap over.

I have quite expensive ($455) lessons every term, so I am actually up to her skill. We just don't jump to high because its dangerous and yah yah ya..

Peartree 09-17-2007 02:49 AM


Azteca 09-17-2007 02:52 AM

:):)Hi Ellie i am recomending a conamara but you dont have to choose that it is your pony after all!!:):)

Peartree 09-17-2007 02:53 AM

Yeah, connemara, except they can grow tall..

Azteca 09-17-2007 03:09 AM

Re: hi
Oh ok never mind about it then

giget 09-21-2007 11:01 PM

what about a welsh u can get them in different heights but pretty stocky maybe u could be more specific about heights u want ext

horses4ever123 11-16-2007 06:46 PM

I would reccomend conemmaras, welsh ponies, and welsh cobs. They all are great bigger ponies. An Even Better choice would be fells, or dartmoor. They are bid and sturdy.

clairesolomon 11-17-2007 12:59 AM

We have a horse at my barn that we call a quarterpony. I don't really know his breed, I guess he's a quarter horse mixed with some pony breed? But my first horse was a quarter horse so I think they're great for beginners, and a pony that's part qh could carry bigger kids because they've got such a strong build.

tracey777 11-18-2007 07:10 AM


Ponies can be so headstron at times, why not have a horse. By the way ponies are much straonhger than you wouldimagine, they are easily able to carry double their body weight!

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